Everywhere you look there are “experts” who tell you what you need to do to build an online busin ess. They tell you how you can make a fortune by following their system. The problem is, far too many haven’t accomplished what they are trying to teach you to do. They don’t walk their talk.
How can this be? Simple, they buy a program that tells them what to do, they become an affiliate, use PLR products or they replicate what they read or hear.
Personally, I have a real concern with this. Why? Because I believe if I am going to learn from someone I want to know they really know what they are doing. Conversely, if I’m going to teach something doesn’t it make sense I should know it works through my own successes?
Fortunately, there are those who are the real deal and believe as I do about accomplishing what we teach. They not only teach budding and established entrepreneurs how to start or continue to grow a business, they apply their own information to build their business.

Although there are various ways to build a business, most experts will agree that regardless of the type of business using Social Media Marketing is essential to the visibility of a company.
There are many aspects to Social Media Marketing. At the core of any effective model is a blog. Yet, many people are not quite sure where or how to begin.
One of my colleagues who has successfully used blogs for years and is one of the most recognized experts on the subject of blogs is Denise Wakeman.
Denise has a very commonsense approach to how one can build a successful blog presence. Recently, I came across an excellent guest expert post from Denise called Top 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog.
If you want to know exactly what you need to do to have an effective blog presence take a few minutes to read what Denise has to say on the subject. You will be glad you did.
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