By Dr. Vrunda Davé, Founder of The Soul Entrepreneur at

Are you perceived as an expert in your field? When your clients think about the problems they need help with, are you the go-to expert, the clear solution to their most pressing issues? If you’re not, then you need to start positioning yourself in the marketplace as the expert that you are. There is no better way to be seen as an expert and to get your mission out in a big way and reach more people than through the media.
Radio, in particular, has become an even more powerful medium with the creation of You can pitch yourself as an expert guest on the am/fm airwaves or on the internet.  As a result, there are hundreds of shows looking for fresh content from experts like you to present to their audience. Don’t wait to be invited as a guest. Follow these simple 5 steps and be proactive in getting your products and services in front of larger audiences of your ideal prospects and customers:
Take some time to sit, get clarity on, and write down:

  1. Who you are.
  2. Who you help.
  3. What are your clients’ 5 biggest problems.
  4. How your products/services are the solution to those problems.

This list will be crucial in developing the other steps of your media strategy. The media   will not be interested in you if you are vague in terms of what you do and who you specifically help. They want experts and specialists in specific fields, not generalists who use clichéd terminology and have no clear client base.
1. Write a 200 word biography based on your expert story.
How did you become an expert at what you do? What challenges did you face and overcome? Make it interesting and alluring to the reader so they want to hear more. How have you succeeded? What results do your clients get from working with you or buying your products? What is your greater mission?
2. Write a 1 page pitch based on your target market’s 5 biggest problems and your solutions.
Take your list from Step #1 and create your radio pitch from it. In one sentence, identify the problem and state the solution. Keep it concise and brief. You can give more information in the actual interview.
Be innovative in your solutions to your market’s biggest problems. Be contrarian to the status quo. Be honest in ways that others are not willing to be. That will make you stand out from the crowd and you will be perceived as a fascinating guest expert on any show.
3. Identify radio shows whose audience is your target market and pitch yourself as an ideal guest who beings a lot of value to that audience.
Utilize both networking and internet searches to identify radio shows and hosts who specifically speak to your target market. Email them your pitch and call to follow-up. Show them how much value you bring to their audience. Focus on how you can help their audience by giving them valuable information. DO NOT be disappointed or give up if they say no to you. Just say, “next” and move on quickly to the next show/host on your list. Be persistent and consistent and you will see results quickly!
4. Register yourself on site such as and so that the media knows that you are an expert who is available to give value to their audience. The media is looking for experts just like you! Go out there and make it easy for them to find you!
Dr. Vrunda Davé, Small Biz Marketing & Implementation Expert, mentors big vision women entrepreneurs to build highly profitable businesses around their passion, expertise, and life’s purpose.
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