Podcasts are hot. Regardless of what side of the mic you’re on, podcast shows are a great way to get your message out to market. They’re also a great way to connect with influencers in your industry.
In the short time I’ve had my newest podcast show, Plant Based Eating for Health, I’ve interviewed New York Times bestsellers, a PBS television rock star, a pro bodybuilder, the owner of a multi million dollar food company and more.
I’ve also been on a number of plant based/vegan shows with more to come. 
One thing I learned a long time ago is this; to be memorable, can the “canned” presentation. That’s right. Shoot from the hip.
Simply put, be yourself.

Spontaneity Is Best

In the past, many hosts asked for recommended questions. Although this allowed you to know what would be asked, it also risked you appearing rehearsed.
Today, a great many hosts, myself included, don’t like scripted questions or conversations. We enjoy a natural conversation.
The most memorable guests are those who are spontaneous, relaxed and natural.
Sure, you must know your topic. This is a given. Yet, you want to avoid appearing too polished.
Each interview you give should be fresh. Like any conversation, it should flow.

Become an AWESOME Guest

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