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1. Full Teleseminars for Money Membership program  – You’ll receive the full training on how to build a six figure income with teleseminars. This program is based on the exact strategies I use over and over to build my business. In my “chock full of usable information” 26 week membership program you’ll receive:

  • Specific strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to gain leads, better prospects and close more sales than ever before.
  • 26 MP3 Audio downloads –  consisting of very content driven information.
  • 26  Learning Guides filled to the brim with the information you will need to make money with telesmeminars.
  • Transcripts of each session that you can refer to again and again.
  • You Get! The emails, sales scripts, contracts, landing pages that I personally use to sell my teleseminars. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You get it all.

2. Full membership in to my Short Term, High Profits Training program – In this program you learn exactly what you need to do to set up a fixed term continuity program that will generate revenue month after month after month.  Learn how to get a fixed term membership program up and running faster than you dreamed possible. Imagine waking up every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with money added to your bank account.
Quit trying to figure out a bunch of complex ways to make money online. With my proven formula I will show you exactly what to do in a step-by-step format. I simplify things in the most understandable format possible. And you can be among the first to learn exactly how to do this for yourself.  Discover how you can add hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to your revenue stream each and every month.
Nowadays you have to think in terms of residual income so you can minimize your workload. You need to know how to effectively market these programs to keep your funnel full. I will teach you how.
3. Monthly group coaching members only sessions. Each and every month you will be invited to a group coaching teleseminar where I focus on one main topic. You learn insights on the topic and then I open the lines to Q&A. This is where you can ask me any question you have on the topic. This is a very popular program with those who participate in it.
4. Monthly featured expert training. Each month I bring in an expert to speak on their area of expertise. I have experts who teach on affiliate marketing, gaining high visibility with media, building a responsive opt in subscriber list, profitable blogging, using PLR to build your business, joint venture marketing, and so much more. You receive a spot on these teleseminars and the full recording of each session each and every month.
5. One on one coaching session with me. I charge $400 an hour and you will receive a one hour session where we focus on your goals. You can use the full hour all at once or split it into two 30 minutes sessions.
6. The Transformational Life Home Study Course. Live a Life of Significance, Passion and Abundance
The Transformational Life is perfect for anyone who wants to take your exploration of life to one of the deepest levels possible. You will learn exactly what I do to create a life filled with joy, abundance, contribution, caring, creativity, vision and passion.
Regardless of where you reside, your age, gender, education level, religious or spiritual beliefs you are experiencing some level of personal and/or professional transformation.
Transformation is happening at an ever increasing rate; there’s no stopping it. When you embrace this transformation you will experience amazing shifts in your awareness, joy, passion, fulfillment and success in all areas of your life.
You get the complete program.
7. Private webinar for anyone who gets Experts Academy through my special link. This is going to be a private session where we create the subject matter together. After you have had a chance to go through Experts Academy material I will host a private session where you will learn how I applied Brendon’s information in my own business. You will learn best practices and what strategies I used to hit a home run. This is a session like none other.

JUST ADDED! 8. Selling from the Platform Discover exactly how to sell your products and services from any platform; online or off.

Whether you are a platform speaker, host teleseminars or are a featured expert on webinars you can substantially increase your revenues when you know what, how and when to sell your products and services. This is the first time ever I am offering this training. You are going to learn my best strategies that have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.
I have sold everything from multi media programs, books, teleseminars, mentoring courses, bundled packages, consulting services and more from the platform. I have worked with clients who sold hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars worth of product with my proven formula.
JUST ADDED! 9. Street Smarts Marketing book on CD sent directly to your home or office. This is the foundation of everything I teach in marketing. It’s yours free when you get Experts Academy through my link.
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Use This Special Link For My Experts Academy Bonus Offer:
Experts Academy Bonus Terms:
I, Kathleen Gage, am an Affiliate of Brendon Burchards. In order to qualify for this Experts Academy Bonus I must receive full Affiliate credit for your Experts Academy purchase between January 18th, 2012 and January 24, 2012, and must get paid the full commission for your Experts Academy  purchase. Some Bonus items will be given out before the refund period ends, others after the refund period ends. If you request a refund, and/or miss scheduled payments you forfeit the Bonus items. I also reserve the right to modify this bonus offer in any way I deem necessary including giving you more cool stuff than I promised.
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