Have you ever wondered how two people can start a business right around the same time and  one skyrockets to success while the other one struggles, barely able to make ends meet?
While one is enjoying all the perks that come with high visibility the other is saying, “It’s not fair. She/he is no more intelligent, gifted or talented than me.”
If you look at virtually any industry where experts are rocking it, it’s likely they are using one secret weapon that isn’t so secret. They are not hiding out AND they are eager to share their message on the platform.
In other words, they realize the power of SPEAKING on the platform.
In the over 20 years I’ve owned my business the most powerful marketing and sales tools I’ve implemented is getting on the platform, having a great time sharing my message, making an offer that people are interested in and watching the revenues pour in.
This is not about “get rich quick.” Quite the opposite. It’s about being incredibly strategic in reaching your potential “sweet spot” clients with your product and service offerings.
Speaking on the platform is not a hit and miss process. The more strategic you are, the greater your results.
Opportunities to speak are all around.  Here are just a few of the many ways you can get on the platform.

  • Association meetings in your local market.
  • Brown bag lunches.
  • Chamber meetings
  • Meet up groups in your local area
  • Chapter meetings of associations you are a member of that take place outside of your local market.

Let’s take brown bag lunches. You can create your own series, or research companies who offer this type of opportunity.
If you’re hosting your own there are costs involved such as venue, marketing and materials you will provide participants. Plan to hold these once a month for a few months in order to gain traction for your efforts.
If you are invited in by a local company, the venue is provided and you have a built in audience. More times than not you can negotiate to have your training material duplication taken care of by the company you are speaking for.
It is also possible to make an offer. However, make sure to get the thumbs up on this before doing so. In most cases, if your offer is something that enhances work performance, productivity, health or just about anything that gives employees a better quality of life, there will be no objection to an offer. But again, get permission first.
Your offer should not be an afterthought. Plan it out, take your time with it and avoid downplaying the benefits of your offer.
This is just one example of how to get on the platform and generate revenues by offering a free presentation.
After your presentation, follow up with whomever invited you into the company. Ask for a testimonial and ask if they know of other companies you can offer a similar presentation to.
If you’ve done a great job before, during and after AND you make this a part of your overall business strategy, within a short period of time you likely will have lots of great opportunities.
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