If you could improve one part of your business where would you focus your attention?
Increasing revenue? Driving traffic? Creating profitable products? Creating systems? Developing community? Becoming massively visible?
Chances are, you’d pick all of these. It’s not easy to choose one over the other because all are essential to building a strong business. Click here to gain access to information to help you become successful in dozens of ways.


Even though we may know what we need to do we don’t always know how. Many people flounder when it comes to doing what needs to be done. They try one thing, then another, then another only to find they are spreading themselves way too thin or they found they were chasing after that next bright shiny object.
I don’t know of one single person who is exempt from BSOS – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Yet, those who are succeeding have learned how to manage BSOS.
They have to. They know being able to say yes to what they need and no to what is a “nice to have” or “nice to check out” is the difference between lukewarm success and wild success. Click here to move toward wild success.
How does one know what is the best use of their time? First, decide to be disciplined. Second, develop a plan and stick with it. Three, put time aside for research and development. Fourth, be willing to invest a percentage of time to study but know when to stop.
And finally, when great opportunities are presented to you, be willing to take full advantage of them.
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