Looking to increase your market reach, increase your visibility and credibility?
Enter an expert series. Working with experts is a great way to gain instant credibility, penetrate a large market, and generate revenues. It’s also a great list building process. By partnering with the right experts for your market it is more likely to build a responsive list. A responsive list equates to more sales of your offerings.
As you position your expertise, you increase your opportunities on many levels, and other experts become extremely willing to work with you.
It’s actually much easier than most people realize to find experts who are willing to join in on a series, especially if you position the opportunity as a win/win for all parties involved.
Who to Interview
Interview anyone your market is interested in learning from. You can survey your market to find out who those people are. Put together an “expert wish list.” When you have three to twelve experts on your list, begin to contact them.
Experts Abound
Virtually any industry has experts who would be happy to be interviewed. Considerations should be:
*Who has something to offer your market?
* Who can you share markets with?
*Who would be willing to let you use the material for a product?
Finding Experts
There are countless places to find experts. They can be as close as your own backyard. Start here:

  • Your own circle of influence
  • Your social networks
  • Forums
  • Web search

A great way to find experts to partner with is at conferences. Whether you approach the coordinator, a speaker, or an attendee, nothing can compare with this kind of networking. However, it’s absolutely essential to respect their time and space. It can be very frustrating for a speaker to be approached by countless individuals who “just want five minutes of your time to pass an idea by” during a conference. The best approach is to introduce yourself, get the other person’s card, and contact them after the event if they appear to be pressed for time. You are likely to get much farther this way.
Repurposing Interview Content
It’s one thing to interview someone and something completely different to get the word out about it. An expert interview is a great opportunity to repurpose information in these ways:

  • Sell recordings of the interview.
  • Sell transcripts of the interview.
  • Be an affiliate seller of your guest’s material.
  • Sell e-reports written from the transcript.

You can develop a free or for-sale product from the interview. Base your decision on your overall goals. If you have a relatively small opt-in list, a free offer can increase the size of your list.
If you plan on selling any of these products, make sure the expert knows about it. You can add it to your written agreement. You can offer your guest a high percentage of whatever you make from these information products. If they will draw a large number of buyers, this is a great option. Keep in mind that you will need to market the products.
There is really no limit to repurposing an expert interview. It’s a matter of how creative you are willing to get.
One of the most common types of expert series is a telesummit. A telesummitis a virtual online conference that offers a lineup of a variety of speakers over a few days or several weeks.
There are other types of expert series such as hosting one expert a week on a teleseminar or webinar for a specified or indefinite period of time. Over a period of time you build a following with those who have an interest in the speakers you host.
One of the main reasons to host an expert series, regardless of the format, is to position your own status as an expert. Many an unknown person became quickly well-known due to bringing top experts to their market through an expert series. You build relationships with top people who can catapult you to a very visible position. When you share the virtual stage with leading experts, it is assumed you, too, are a leading expert.
There’s no reason you can’t benefit from hosting your own telesummit or weekly expert series. The only way to find out is to do it.
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