A few weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail from a lawn care company. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just the day before I was thinking about calling someone about caring for my lawn. I gave the company a call to find out about their services. Here’s what happened.
1. I called the 800 number to inquire about what they could do for me.
2. Had a very pleasant conversation with a guy named Dave. (I had gone from a cold lead to a warm lead)
3. I asked Dave to send someone out to let me know what treatment options were available. (At that point I went from being a warm lead to being a HOT lead)
4. I was assured someone would be by within  a week. (that was 3 weeks ago)
5. No one has come around to give me an estimate.
What an absolute waste of their marketing dollars. Granted, this is likely a very busy time of year for the company, but when I was told one week to get the estimate and it is now three weeks later, I am turning cold very quickly.

As I was working in my yard yesterday I couldn’t help but wonder how often something like this happens. Not only with this lawn care company, but businesses in general. Companies that invest money into their marketing, get HOT leads and fail to follow up.
What a waste. You see, part of how many customers make their buying decisions is not based on price. It is based on whether an agreement is honored. My feelings are, “If they can’t keep a simple appointment, what kind of customer care will I get when I hire the company to treat my lawn.?”
It’s not even the fact they didn’t show up. A quick phone call to say they were running behind schedule would have been a great idea. At least then I would understand why they haven’t been by.
Unfortunately, this seems to be a norm. If you’re like me, you have to wonder how much business is lost due to not having systems in place to optimize money invested in marketing. If there is not a solid system in place you can lose incredible amounts of revenue due to missed opportunities.
On the other hand, by having effective systems in place it is likely you will have ample business to enjoy.
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer