Chances are many of the people you believe to be friends on Facebook are “ghosts.” That’s right. They don’t exist.
I’m not talking ghosts like in the spirit world. I’m talking out and out fake. Actually, Facebook has no way of knowing exactly how many accounts are fake but it could be as high as 11.2% according to many accounts.
If there are that many fake accounts on Facebook imagine how many fake email subscribers you likely have on your prized subscriber list.
Not only bogus email address, but dead addresses, those that were input wrong and any number of reasons why the number of subscribers you believe you have is actually way off.
If you’ve been wondering why your open rates are getting lower and lower, you don’t need to wonder anymore. It’s gotten completely out of control.
“Why is my open rate so low?” many people ask with great frustration in their voice. I’ve had countless conversations with clients about the need to use more than email marketing to reach people.
It’s gotten to the point many people throw up their hands in frustration feeling like the only solution is to throw in the towel.
Don’t be so hasty. Rather than making it an all or nothing proposition, there are other ways to reach your potential clients. Granted, if all you want to do is sit behind your computer to make money  that’s a completely different conversation. If, on the other hand, you are looking for effective ways to position your expertise AND reach your market, read on.
1. Pick up the phone. As much as some people avoid the “800 pound gorilla” the phone is one of the most effective tools you have. Sure, not everyone will want to hear from you, but if you make it a regular practice to call a few people daily, you may be incredibly surprised with the results. Sometimes it’s to let people know about an offer you have. Other times, it’s simply to connect.
Many people have been so out of touch with using phone calling as part of their marketing they have an actual phobia of picking up the phone.
2. Direct mail. It’s amazing how effective this can be. Whether it be a postcard, letter or lumpy mail, sending something the good old fashioned way, when added to other forms of marketing, can generate interest in what you have to offer. Sure, there is a cost to this, but what would you rather… minimal response from something that cost virtually nothing to do (like email marketing) or an increased response with something that requires an investment of time and money.
3. Social media. Many people believe social media marketing is a complete waste of time. Granted, it can be, but  to make it work you have to have more than a hit and miss approach to social media marketing. The more value you bring to people, the better. As with anything, a targeted approach on a handful of platforms is going to get you a better result than throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks.
Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on social media to leave a solid foot print. And leaving a foot print is a great idea. Many potential clients will check you out on social media before making a decision to do business with you.
4. Networking meetings. Ahhhhh, good old face to face networking. For many people this is a lost art. And yet for others, it’s like money in the bank.
When you attend networking meetings be willing to reach out to people, but avoid instantly trying to sell something. Rather than trying to see how many business cards you can collect each time you attend a networking meeting, go for quality connections with a few people.
Take a genuine interest in other people. Have conversations rather than simply trying to see how many people you can give your “elevator” speech to.
5. Presentations. By far, this is one of my favorites. Organizations, associations and companies of every size are on the lookout for experts who can offer quality information to their members and employees. This does take more effort than the previous four strategies, but the payoff can be huge.
First,  you position your expertise and message. Second, you stand apart from others in a big way by doing what many experts are deathly afraid of. Third, you are serving others in a very powerful way by presenting high value information.
In order to really stand out, reach your market and get your message heard, you absolutely must use more than one method to promote what you’re doing. And you have to get really honest about how much effort you’re putting into what you’re doing. If you’re relying solely on sending emails out or posting a few things on social media, chances are you’re missing a lot of great opportunity.
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