Featured expert – Michele Scism
Today we are going to talk about three mistakes that I see business owners making on Facebook. These are mistakes that are all happening on personal profiles.  Remember your personal profile is prime real estate on Facebook.
1.  Not Linking Your Employment to Your Fan Page
On your personal profile one of the very first things someone sees on the page is your place of employment.  You will also notice that it is a clickable link and I think it is extremely important that this links to your fan page.  First, I guess I am making an assumption that you have a fan page (or business page, as they are also called).  If you do not have a fan page yet then that is a whole different discussion that you and I need to have.  In the image below you will see the location I am talking about.

You populate this field when you click on “edit profile” and then “education and work”.  When you are typing in the name of your business Facebook should automatically offer to populate that field with your fan page.  If it doesn’t (and remember it is only a computer program and definitely has glitches) click here to read an article about how to get around that.
Remember what our goal is – Too Make It As Easy As Possible For Our Ideal Clients To Find Us!!
2. Not Having a Link to Your Fan Page and Website on Your Info Page
I am a curious person, curious – nosey what’s the difference, and as such when I meet someone new I want to know everything I can about them. I find them on Facebook and I look at their info page to find their 1. fan page (because most of the time it isn’t linked as their employment) and 2. website and then I go visit their website etc.  Unfortunately for a lot of business owners when I go to their info page there is no information to tell me what their website address is.

If you notice in the picture I have several links listed.  There are links to a few of my programs, a link to my fan page and a link to my main site.  You can put a lot of links in this section but Facebook will only display the first six so be sure they are the most important ones.
3.  Not Expanding Your Network
At least once a week I have a discussion with someone who is concerned about using their personal profile to connect with clients and potential clients.  This is a personal decision but I will tell you that I see Facebook as a profitable and powerful connection tool and as such I want to use it to it’s fullest potential.  So let me ask you a question – Do you have 5000 personal friends?  Do you know anyone who has 5000 personal friends and family members (ok that they know)?
I think that Facebook gave us the ability to connect with 5000 people and we should do our best to make that happen.  This is a social networking site – get out and network.
To those of you who argue that you want to keep this personal and private for your friends and family I say “sorry”.  Whatever you put on Facebook is public information.  Even if you try your hardest to keep your clients from seeing your personal profile there are ways to do it.  Your posts are searchable on Google – what makes you think that’s private.
Would you like to know more about how to use Facebook to promote your business and get more paying clients?  How about how to use LinkedIn to get new clients?  Click here to find out more!
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