dreamI work with speakers and authors who, more times than not, have the dream of “making it big.”
Making it big means different things to different people, but for most it means having a national, or international, audience, being a featured guest on major radio, television or podcast shows, being invited to be on telesummits with other well-known experts and making lots of money in the process.
Before someone begins their journey to fame and fortune they often dream of what it will be like to “make it.”
Often, the dream and reality tend to be very different. The dream is often void of stress, pressures and demands. The dream is like a walk in the park on a beautiful spring day; perfect. The dream fails to include the fact that there are still things we must do that are mundane.
Years ago I read this; “What does one do before they are enlightened? Chop wood and carry water. What does one do after they are enlightened? Chop wood and carry water.”
It’s the same with handling pressure pre-fame and post-fame. You handle the pressure in the most appropriate way possible.
Until you can handle the pressure that come with growing into who you believe yourself to be, no matter how big you get you will still have pressure. And…the pressure is a hell of a lot bigger at the top than at the bottom.
There’s a level of stress that goes with growing into who we believe ourselves to be. If we don’t manage ourselves every step of the way, the stress does not lessen as we get bigger. It amplifies.
Managing our stress is all about laying a foundation that supports our growth. Before you can handle the stress that comes with being an internationally recognized expert you absolutely must handle the stress that comes every step of the way.
A huge part of managing the stress is enjoying the process. If you are not enjoying the process as you are growing your business, visibility and market reach, what makes you think you will enjoy the process when there are more demands on your time, energy and finances?
Don’t think for a minute that things somehow miraculously change when you get to a certain level of fame. If you don’t handle your emotions now, you certainly won’t handle them later.
Start right here, right now to create the life you want based on your moment by moment decisions. This includes the decision to take full responsibility for the choices you make. It means not letting your choices stress you out so much you treat people in ways you will regret or have to constantly apologize for.
It means accepting that before you can play in the big leagues you better be doing all you can to be exceptional right here, right now.
What do you do to handle the pressures that come with building your business? Comments welcome and encouraged.