It does not take much at all to see the pain and suffering in the world today. Whether it be the anguish and fear over COVID-19, the civil unrest around the globe or the military being called in to build a chain-link fence to “protect” the White House and the current administration, there is more turbulence today than any other time in recent history.

The domino effect has far reaching impact. The fear, anger and uncertainty may appear to be random, yet, when we take a deeper look, we can trace it back to various causes.

Energetically, people around the globe are consuming fear on levels most never have given thought to. What we put into our body, by way of what we eat, is reflected outwardly.

Although many people choose to ignore this, when you consume animal and dairy products, psychically, you are consuming pain, suffering, fear, and anguish.

The more conscious we become about what we eat, the less likely it is that we will unconsciously trigger emotions we seem to have no control over.


Everything IS Connected


Let’s assume for a moment that all things are connected. If this is true, doesn’t it make sense that what animals experience due to factory farming is transmitted into your consciousness when you consume animal products?

Factory farming is filled with the energy of pain and fear on the deepest level. To believe the energy of pain and suffering stops at the doors of the factory farms is absurd. It continues into the trucks, the transport, the grocery stores, your refrigerator and ultimately into your body and psyche.


It’s a domino effect that you cannot escape


Not only is it about the pain and suffering of animals and the impact this has on one’s mind, body and soul, it’s about the corruption of our political system to keep people in the dark.

Large corporations pay exorbitant amounts of money to lobbyists to convince people that animal-based products are actually good for them.

There is plenty of evidence that animal and dairy consumption is destructive to our health.

The fact is, factory farming has been a huge contributor to disease, superbugs and resistance to antibiotics. Experts, like Dr. Michael Greger, have been warning of the very pandemic we are in the middle of, for years.

Not only was he giving clear evidence of what was to come, he warned that if we did not change the way we eat, specifically to a plant-based diet, it would only get worse.

Dr. Greger talked of the horrors of factory farming being a breeding ground for viruses that were integrating into our food supply. The very foods that were making people fat and sick.

Factory Farms, COVID-19 and Plant Based Eating


A Blind Eye No More


One cannot turn a blind eye anymore to the horrors of factory farming. Not only the cruel treatment to the animals but to our health and well-being.

To put the energy of fear, anguish and suffering into your body WILL result in more fear, anguish, and suffering. How could it not?


The Solution?


It’s one thing to identify a problem and something completely different to choose to do something about it.

The solution resides in living more consciously through our level of awareness AND by what we consume.

Taking time to slow down, reflect on current affairs and choose to eat in a way that is compassionate to other sentient beings is a move in the right direction.

This can be achieved through practices of meditation, conscious eating, and the elimination of all animal and dairy food choices.

The recent shutdowns have been a perfect opportunity to reflect on the type of life you choose to have. When we know the truth, we are able to do something about it… if (and when) we have the desire to do so.

Once you know the truth, you cannot deny the truth.