We’ve all heard of online “fire sales” to boost revenues. Most are a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
But what about a real fire sale being run because someone’s home became uninhabitable due to a real fire.
This is, by far, the best reason to have a fire sale. Before I explain in detail what a fire sale is and how to host one, I want you to know why I am participating in a very special one today.
My friend and colleague, Adela Rubio, was the victim of a house fire that made her home uninhabitable for the next six month.adela
She was able to leave with a few pieces of clothing and get everyone out safely, but needless to say, her life is upside down.
What the fire didn’t take were her friends who have pulled together to help raise money with a real fire sale.
A group of very successful online marketers have all contributed real products that we sell for real money. Do me a favor… check out all the amazing items myself and a bunch of my friends put into the package so YOU can benefit and so can Adela.
Then I would ask you to take it one step further and spread the word. If every person posts on their Facebook wall and personally tells 5 people, Adela will have the funds in no time at all to get things back on track.


So, what exactly is a fire sale.
A fire sale is a special type of promotion that consists of three important characteristics.

  1. There is a time limit. Usually a fire sale lasts for under 7 days. Either someone buys during that time period or not at all.
  2. You sell everything for one low price. You can combine many of your own product, PLR products or upon a clear agreement you can bundle other experts products into the package.
  3. There is a purpose for the sale. The purpose can be for a vacation, a new car, a fundraiser, or medical bills. Or in the case of Adela Rubio, a real fire.

Although a Fires ale can be just the answer you’re looking for as a way to quickly generate lots of money fast, oftentimes people have their expectations extremely high when they begin a Fire sale. Unless you follow the right steps you may not get the results you hoped for.
Follow the strategies outlined in this post to have a much greater chance for success.
Let’s get even clearer on what a Fire sale is. It’s when you pull together a package of infoproducts (ebooks, audios, videos, software, etc) at a reduced rate and promote them by way of the internet.
The products can be yours, products that you’ve acquired the rights to (PLR) or products contributed by other experts. People will gravitate to a great bargain, so if you have a winning selection of products at a great price, there can be huge profits.
It’s not uncommon for the price of the package to increase at various points during the sale. However, unless you are very clear on this feature you may want to hold off doing this until you feel really comfortable with the Fire sale platform.
Strategy #1: Create a Compelling Package
Be sure to select products that people find valuable. To do this you must know who your market is, what is their problem, what solution do they need and what are they willing to pay for?
The products you choose should be of such high quality that people will not think twice about purchasing. If they’ve previously considered purchasing the same products or similar products at a much higher price elsewhere, they’d be almost silly not to jump on your offer.
Some ways you can create the impression of higher value –
–        Offer products that have never been offered before. (Exclusive content.)
–        Offer coaching with the package.
–        Include products that work together, rather than providing a mish-mash of items.


Strategy #2: Have a Great Story
People are drawn to Fire sales because they are expecting exceptional deals. They are also drawn to them because they are curious about the story or the reason behind the ridiculously low-priced offer. Your sales page should contain a heartfelt and true story that outlines the reason why you’re having the Fire sale in the first place.
One I recall is when Willie Crawford, Internet marketer extraordinaire, was raising money for his daughter’s wedding. During the time the Fire sale was going on I was intrigued with the process. The most amazing thing is that the Fire sale raised enough money for Willie to give his daughter a great wedding.
Now how good is that?
Whatever your reasons for the sale, create urgency. Whether you’re having the sale because of unexpected taxes, a medical reason, a celebration, or to raise funds for a nonprofit agency remember to include the urgency behind why you are offering this great offer. It will certainly help you to do well with sales. Check out Adela’s reason.
Also, keep in mind that your whole sales letter shouldn’t just focus on you. While a great story is necessary, your prospects will want to know how your package is going to benefit them as well.
Strategy #3: Make it a Price That Sells
While you certainly don’t want to undervalue the products that you’re selling, a Fire sale generally needs to move fast. That means you should price your package of products as low as possible to achieve the most sales. Once again, you want to make this such a good deal that people will just not be able to resist it.
Strategy #4: Limit the Offer
Be sure that the sales page clearly explains that you’re only offering this special price for a short time. Putting a deadline on such a low price will create a sense of urgency resulting in more sales for you and your affiliates.
Strategy #5: Make a Great Sales Page
There are many great products available that don’t sell due to the fact that their sales page was poorly crafted. If you don’t have compelling sales copy that addresses the benefits of your Fire sale thoroughly and really pushes the emotional buttons of your audience, you will have minimal sales at best.
Remember to create copy that is clear and concise. You will want to focus on the reasons why your potential buyer cannot do without your product.
Having a quality product is important but without a compelling sales message, you won’t sell enough copies to get a large fan base or a large profit.
Strategy #6: Promote your Fire sale
Though self explanatory, if no one knows that you are having a Fire sale no one will come. Of course the best way to combat this problem is through proper promotions.
You will need to drive traffic to your Fire sale and the best way to do this is through an email blast to your established list, mentioning it in internet marketing forums and  utilizing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Again, inviting JV partners and your affiliates to promote the sale for a profit will certainly give your sale more exposure.
Profiting from a Fire sale obviously isn’t as hard as you may have thought. A Fire sale can help you to earn necessary funds quickly as customers tend to flock to them in droves. This is no surprise since Fire sales create a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Here’s your opportunity to join in on a Fire Sale and help a super woman who really knows what it means to need a Fire Sale.
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