Do you struggle to build your business because you don’t have the energy to make it through the day? Do you KNOW you could accomplish more if you only had the focus to do so? Eager to perform at your best?

You’re not alone. A great many entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life, struggle to show up fully in their businesses. This is costing them untold amounts of time, money and energy.
Does this sound familiar? You wake up tired, drag yourself out of bed, brew a strong cup of coffee, barely get through the day, have a major energy dip mid-afternoon, do whatever you are capable of throughout the day, only to feel like you didn’t get much of anything done.
If you know you are capable of so much more… If you know you would love what you do if you only had the energy… If you’re ready to make the change right here, right now then you’re ready to join me for a live workshop in Eugene, Oregon.

Firing On All Cylinders
Peak Performance At Its Best
featuring Kathleen Gage
Thursday, February 28, 2019
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Premier Downtown Eugene, Oregon Location

If you’re ready to feel your best, perform your best, and be your best while being able to onboard more clients, make more money, and exponentially increase your sales while making a difference in the lives of your clients… then this message is for you.

2019 is YOUR Year!

Are you ready to make 2019 the year you finally live up to your potential in business? Ready to shine in your business? Ready to have the energy to keep up with the best of them?
Did you know one of the greatest challenges virtually any entrepreneur has is keeping up with the day-to-day demands their business requires? Whether it’s attending networking meetings, writing blog posts, shooting YouTube videos, hosting a podcast show, working on marketing plans, making phone calls, collaborating with other experts… it all takes one thing… ENERGY!
Do you have the energy to keep up? If not, join me for a life changing experience.
Go from high performer to peak performer!
Most people say they are ready to give it their all, but when you pull back the curtain, you see they are still playing small. To succeed at anything, you have to bring your full self. Firing On All Cylinders will show you how to bring your all to every situation.