Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet imaginable and yet, nothing worked? Frustrated with feeling tired and sluggish?

Ready to give healthy eating a try, without putting a time limit on your efforts?

If you answered “YES!” to these questions, you are in for a great experience with Coach Maxime.


Who Is Coach Maxime?


Coach Maxime is the CEO and Founder of Fit Vegan Coaching.

Fit Vegan Coaching has helped over 500 vegans from 20 different countries completely transform their health and bodies on a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Coach Maxime an ex-triathlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, and international model who has been vegan for over nine years.

Coach Maxime is on a mission to help the world get lean, thrive, and disease proof their bodies as he’s seen up close the effect that chronic disease can have on one’s life.

More than a health coach, Maxime considers himself a Mindset Architect as he understands that all fundamental change stems from the mind and in order to have a successful health and body transformation, the mind must be re-built.

Discover how to transition to a healthy plant-based/vegan lifestyle. One that gives you the kind of vibrancy and health you may have given up on.

With the program from Fit Vegan, you learn lifelong sustainability. Coach Maxime believes the reason you cannot stick to “diets” is because there is a start and end date. It’s not something sustainable that you can do for the rest of your life.

With the Fit Vegan model, you learn what YOU need to know about nutrition and training so that after the program ends you will not need another program… ever again.

Secrets to Success

1. Focus on a 100% Whole Food Plant Based Diet void of ALL animal and dairy.

2. Focus on gut health. Most people have issues with their gut health. At Fit Vegan, they understand how essential great gut health is.

3. Speeding up metabolism is one of the areas many people put little, if any attention on. When you speed up the metabolism, you have more permanent weight loss. A huge part of this is eating enough of the right calories.

4. When you consume high-density, high-volume food, your body is able to absorb nutrients that are likely missing with your current diet.

Are You A Caretaker?

Coach Maxime was motivated to devote his life to health due to the loss of loved ones to disease.

He encourages people who are caretakers to consider the importance of taking care of their own health as a priority. In addition, his recommendations are good for anyone wanting to live a healthy life.

  • Make sure you put sleep as a priority.
  • Drink quality filtered water.
  • Use “clean” skincare products that do not contain heavy metals.
  • Check your household cleaners to assure you are not adding in hidden toxins.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Breathe… Box Breathing is very quick with the results of calm energy.


For Older Men and Women


  • Resistance training at least three times a week. This will help with building strong bones.
  • Eat plenty of health protein.
  • Get plenty of calories.

In order for change to happen, you must want the change above all else. It’s more about mindset than virtually anything.

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