Looking for a great way generate interest in you and your books while developing a revenue stream. Try your hand at low cost reports.
We’ve all heard stories of people making boatloads of money online by selling information products. Yet for most people making their first $100 would make them very happy. You see, once you make your first $100 the next $100 is much easier.
And, once someone has expressed an interest in one of your information products they are more likely to buy your books. That is if the reports contain high quality information.

A report can be one of many information products you, as an author, offer to your market. Information products include books, CDs, MP3s, white papers, reports, teleseminars, webinars, Podcasts, etc. In the Internet context, the term refers to electronically deliverable, knowledge-based products.
Anything that contains knowledge and you can deliver it electronically is considered an information product.
One of the easiest (and quickest to create) information products around is a report. And yet, many people have no idea where to start, how to market and how to turn their information into profits. Let’s start at the beginning.
If you can write a book, write articles and do blog posts, you can write a report.
There are ample benefits to creating low priced reports. Nowadays, many consumers would rather pay a few dollars for a fast solution to their problem than have to search around for the information (even if it’s free).
It doesn’t matter what topic, market or industry, reports are a great way to provide solutions to readers and generate great revenue with very little work.
Reports are also a great way to build your opt-in subscriber list. Most people have heard, “The gold is in the list.” This is so true. With a good opt-in list of subscribers you can literally make money at the press of a button.
Reports are so easy to create that you can often do so with little or no money out of pocket. Sure, there is time involved, but when you consider that you can generate hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars in revenue from a 10 – 20 page plus report, the time invested is worth it.
Because your reports will be delivered electronically, there are no storage costs. With physical products you have to keep inventory on hand, find a place to store them and often watch them collect dust. This won’t happen with online reports.
After the initial costs of developing your report, there are literally no additional costs to continue selling them.
With the right systems in place you can generate excellent revenues fast, easy and with what seems like the press of a button. And, with the opt in list you build you have built in buyers for your other books.