There’s a new breed of leader who goes beyond the surface level of leadership. These are the men and women who do more than give lip service to their roles and responsibilities of leadership. They truly walk the talk of combining mind, body, and soul in all they do.




One such leader is vegan fitness coach, Gabriel Zhanay, found of Vegan Fitness Redefined.

Vegan Fitness Redefined was created with the mission of helping serious thinking vegans simplify fitness and thrive in their lives while enjoying the process.

Gabriel is a firm believer that when one lays the foundation of health they have clearer thinking, function at a higher level, and make better decision, thus becoming a better leader.


Knowledge is NOT Power


According to Gabriel, gaining more knowledge is not the answer. It’s the application of the knowledge that determines one’s success.

With a focus on health, being vegan and leadership, there is plenty of information on how to become healthy by transitioning to a plant based, vegan diet, but it’s applying the information that is key.


For a point of reference, plant-based can be a diet, veganism is a lifestyle and philosophy.
To make any change that is lasting, you must examine your motivation. It takes more than simply thinking about making a change. It’s about going to the core of what drives you.

There are various levels that contribute to permanent change. First is the habit phase. According to Gabriel, most people stop there. A habit usually takes between 30 – 120 days to create a change in habit.

From there is identity, which can take up to three years or more to change through consistent action.


Faith or Fear


In life, we are motivated by faith or fear. Our actions, or lack thereof, are evidence of which we focus on more.

When making decisions it’s important to know if you are driven by fear or faith. Both require that we believe in something we cannot see.

Yet, most people give more power to fear than they do in faith. Faith is the ability to believe in something that our eyes cannot see.

Fear and faith both require us to believe in something that we cannot see.

Human nature is such that people invest more time and energy into fear when in fact, if they would put as much energy into faith, life would be simpler, and they would be in a better position to lead.

One of the greatest weaknesses people have is the habit of leaving the mind exposed to negative thoughts. This is how one remains in fear. To move in faith, it’s essential to examine your thoughts and if what you are thinking is not serving you, choose differently.

Gabriel has invested over 20 years examining his own mind and realizing just how much negativity he allowed to seep in.

Once he became aware of this, he was able to turn things around. Awareness is one of the first steps in making a change. Once we are aware, we can take actions to do things differently.

Turning things around is more than simply forcing positive thoughts and repeating affirmations.


GMV Method


To help his clients achieve the outcomes they desire, Gabriel uses the GMV method. Gratitude, Meditation, Visualization.

GMV is the trifecta of meta habits. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to do this every day, at least once per day, but avoid trying to do too much too soon.

With whatever you want to transform, you likely didn’t get to this place in your life overnight which means, you won’t change it overnight.

However, the decision to change can, and does, happen in an instant. From there, it’s building the habit over a period of time. And from a habit, transforming our identity to a behavior and way of life.


One of the most important tools Gabriel helps his clients to develop is an attitude of gratitude. He does not believe simply repeating affirmations by rote is the solution. It is about getting into the feeling of gratitude.

Bottom-line is this; you have control over how you view the situations in life. There are many things you cannot change, but the one thing you can change is your attitude. From there, you can change your habits and from there, your identity.

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