One of the greatest challenges for anyone in business is getting through all the “noise” and get noticed. There are some who are masterful at doing so. Sadly, the majority of people don’t know how. This definitely impacts their bottom line.
Those who know how to “rise to the top” are the experts who have insider secrets into exactly how to position your message effectively. Others who rise to the top are those who have learned from some of the best in the publicity industry.
To stand out in your market here are three simple things you can do:
1.    Determine who your market is and is not.
2.    Develop a clear plan of action on how you will reach your market.
3.    Consistently keep your name in front of your market.
It can be difficult to know where to start or, even if you have started, coming up with a plan on how to optimize your efforts.
This is where learning from true experts comes in. You might be wondering, “How does one separate true media experts from all the self-proclaimed “gurus” out there?”
Scratch the surface of many of today’s self-proclaimed “gurus,” and you will find they lack experience, endorsements, and client testimonials.
Experts, on the other hand, have significant real-world experience in their field, solid endorsements from respected peers, and grateful praise from a lifetime of satisfied customers.
If you’re a media creator, entrepreneur, or professional looking to earn or supplement a livable income without giving your time, money, and intellectual rights to a major corporation, label, publisher, or any other gatekeeper I invite you to join the BE THE MEDIA University Blockbuster Online Success System.
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This Blockbuster Online Success System (BOSS) will show you absolutely everything you need to know to build a successful online presence and potentially earn a huge income right now.
The mastermind behind this amazing event is David Mathison.
David has gathered over 30 industry leaders and online success stories for three preview calls, ten ground-breaking webinar classes, and three bonus classes focused on your online media success.

Who is David Mathison?
One of the sharpest minds around. In 1994, when David joined Reuters, he was one of the youngest vice-presidents in the company.
He was eager to prove that the internet (still new at that time) had made sharing information and content incredibly fast, simple, and profitable – even for the world’s largest news agency!
That’s why he helped them pioneer the syndication technology that enabled them – and you – to share information instantly with incredible results.
He then founded a company called Kinecta, where as CEO, he raised $30 million in under 2 years from investors such as Canaan Partners, Fidelity, Reuters, and Adobe.
Kinecta was acquired by Stellent in 2002, which was acquired by Oracle in 2004 for $440 million.
At Reuters, Kinecta, and now Be The Media, his mission is to help you widely distribute your products, services, and messages.
Why? Because he wants YOU to have the same power, reach, and immediacy of the world’s largest news agency.
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Each 2 hour online webinar is offered in a live, fully-immersive learning environment including live links, graphics, audio, video, chat, and a live question and answer session.
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In success and visibility!
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer™