Geoff Palmer, CEO and Founder of Clean Machine® a 100% Plant-Based Fitness Nutritional an all-natural sports nutrition company, has over 30 years of experience in the natural foods and supplements industry. Geoff is on a mission to help people heal their health one step at a time.



Recognized by Plant Based News as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Vegans, Geoff believes everyone can live a more vibrant life through food and exercise. Geoff has been a vegan for nearly 40 years and is committed to raising awareness about the connection between what we consume and our state of mind, body, and soul.

His vegan journey began in 1985, long before it was a “thing.” Most people had no idea what being vegan meant, but to Geoff it was about kindness to the animals, reversing disease that ran rampant throughout his family and getting control of his depression.

After losing his father to alcohol, his mother to multiple sclerosis and his brother to schizophrenia, his family unit had fallen apart.

This resulted in severe chronic depression leading to suicidal depression.

After attempting suicide twice, Geoff realized he needed to take control of his emotions, but how to do so was a mystery.


A Chance Meeting


At a time he desperately wanted, and needed, a change Geoff met someone who introduced him to a Native American healer. The healer took him under his wing and helped him begin his process of becoming whole.

It was through deep meditation, sweat lodges and going deep into his pain that he was able to connect with a profound sense of sorrow that turned to anger and eventually turning to love.



It was during a deep meditation he was guided to connect with his purpose and the need to stop harming animals by never consuming animal or dairy from that day forward.

He also quit drinking, drugs and cigarettes.

Dramatic Changes Awaited Geoff

Due to making the dietary changes, his emotional state changed dramatically. Since making these changes, he has not experienced any depression.

Geoff is a firm believer that most of who we become is based on cues we get from our parents. When we see our parents dealing with illnesses and diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, all of the typical diseases, we are led to believe this is how our life will be.

Add to this they hype of the media, and for most people, it’s an uphill battle. This is what encouraged Geoff to share his experience with others in hopes of helping them lead happier and healthier lives.
But he advises that people not try to make all the changes at once. For most people, this will backfire. Start with what is doable and go from there.



Avoid the Minus Syndrome

Avoid thinking in terms of what you are giving up, also know as the “minus syndrome” but rather, what you are adding. When you can think in terms of what you are adding, such as empowerment, you will achieve a much better outcome.

Geoff recommends we look at how much money doctors, big pharma, hospitals, and insurance companies are taking from us, rather than giving to us. They are taking our money and our health. It’s time we take control of our health.

Like many who have found healing through food and exercise, Geoff encourages people to look at what is really happening. The “powers that be” don’t want you to stop needing them so they reinforce your reliance on them with fear, advertising and hype.

One area there is not a lot of support from the “powers that be” is to become vegan. If anything, they do just the opposite by convincing you that a diet void of animal and dairy is unhealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The S.A.D. Is Killing Us

For most people, especially who have been living on the basic S.A.D. diet  (Standard American Diet), they’re already in some sort of advanced disease state.  

Step one is to realize you can take control of your health. Contrary to what the medical profession and Big Pharma will have you believe, many diseases are reversible. For example, Type II diabetes can be reversed through diet and exercise.

Actually, most disease states can be reversed, or at least slowed, to the point where you can enjoy life and not be crippled by the disease going into a crippling and suffering state.

It’s Manly to Give Up Meat

According to one statistic Geoff saw, 70% of vegans in the United States are women. He finds this heartbreaking since with simple dietary changes men could minimize their risks for strokes and heart disease. But many men are stuck in the stigma that somehow being vegan is weak.

Countless men believe that eating meat is somehow manly. Yet, when you factor in that meat consumption constricts blood flow, a major reason for erectile dysfunction, just the opposite is true. A diet void of meat allows a man to function more effectively sexually.

Medical evidence indicates that meat-eating does indeed cause impotence, because meat clogs up the arteries going to all organs, not just to the heart. Meat-eating is also linked to numerous other health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Clean Machine Is Born

The further Geoff dug into what causes disease, the more committed he became to helping others live healthy lives. Out of this was born his company.

Geoff is on a mission to help people become healthy and vital. This is the premise of his company, Clean Machine®

Clean Machine® was the first product line created from the belief that people want products to help them be both healthy and physically fit, not just one or the other. That’s why all of their products are:

  1. Based on real science and work with our body to promote health and fitness.
  2. Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.

Clean Machine® offers serious, effective formulas with “first to market”, patented and exclusive ingredients. They are a brand dedicated to bringing consumers the most powerful, comprehensive, innovative natural products possible. They are committed to providing only clean, natural, plant-based fitness nutrition, backed by studies, using the same raw materials and dosages used in the studies.

Geoff began his company based on his values and vision for a cruelty free, healthy world.

He believes in being compassionate to the animals as well as being compassionate to ourselves.

In addition, every purchase feeds a hungry child. As well, a portion of every credit card sale supports elephant aid.

Geoff’s encourages everyone to do what you can to make a difference. Regardless of your profession, you can make a difference. It’s up to you.