“Athletes can’t possibly do well on a vegan diet.”

Untold numbers of people believe that athletes cannot do well without a meat-based diet. In reality, athletes can do great on a plant-based, vegan diet.


One such person is Georgia Bamber. An endurance athlete, Georgia has proven over and over that a diet void of all animal and dairy contributes to superior performance in mind and body. 

Georgia Bamber is a success coach, speaker and author of the book “Achieve Anything You Want.”  Using practical tools and mindset strategies she teaches people to make positive changes and create the time to reach their goals.

Her mission: to help as many people as possible to live the most happy, healthy, vibrant lives they can.

Georgia has a diverse academic, professional and personal background from which to draws in her coaching and speaking.

As well as being a certified coach, Georgia is a graduate of Cornell University, has an MBA, a Masters in Psychology and is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition.

She is also a wife and mother of two teenage boys, an endurance athlete and plant-based lifestyle advocate. So she knows just what it is like to do the juggle between motherhood, entrepreneurship and maintaining a healthy mind and body.

She started out as a vegetarian and turned vegan six years ago when she fully understood the impact food consumption had on the environment and animals.

It was when she moved onto a farm that she realized how much animals interact with one another. This was a huge turning point for her.

Not one to dip her toe in the water, but rather to dive in completely, Georgia’s switch to being a full-fledged vegan was a matter of making the decision.

Her choice to go vegan impacted her ability to coach her clients in a very productive way. Georgia’s main focus in business is helping people to make positive change. She works with people fears and blocks that prevent them from living fully.

By the time people hire Georgia as a coach they are ready for change. They know it will take work and is more than a magic pill.


Mindset Development


As a triathlete. who enjoys long runs of 50k or more, completion of a race is where Georgia has learned so much of what she’s made of. It is from her own personal understanding she is able to be so effective in assisting her clients to achieve results they desire.

“When you’re pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could be, the secret to success is noticing what you are saying to yourself.”

One of her key mantras is, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Georgia loves being an inspiration to others, especially her children, to let them know what is possible when you stick to your word.


Recommendations for achieving goals


Think long term but set the bar low on short term outcomes. This allows you to feel a sense of achievement to stay the course.

Determine the difference between stories you tell yourself and facts. Often what we call facts are stories. In the case of going vegan or plant based, people will often say, “I could never give up cheese,” when in reality, this is a story, not fact.  


Controlling Emotions


Throughout our conversation, Georgia was very clear that there are things we can control and other things we have no control over whatsoever.

A huge key to being your best is to determine what you can and cannot control and base your decisions and actions on what you actually do have control over.

For her, what she consumes she has control over. “I came for health and stayed for the animals.” Her desire to live a cruelty free life is a decision that is simple and aligns with who she wishes to be. That’s a line she will never cross.


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