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Relationship & Lifestyle:
“Breaking the Knee-Jerk Habit (Discovering the Power of
Responding)” by Steven & Cynthia Wand

Examines the painful results that come from habitually reacting
to life as compared to the results achieved when one masters
the art of “responding from the heart.”
“How to Feel Hot and Healthy in Your Body 365 Days a Year” by
Amanda Moxley

This is THE only book you need to get started, motivated and
inspired to lose weight naturally, amplify your energy and
guide you in feeling hot and healthy—365 days a year. No matter
where you’re starting from, this eBook will take you where you
want to go.
“Who You Really Are & Why You Are Here” by Richard Blackstone
You have amazing powers of creation that allow you to truly
create whatever you desire to be, do and have. Learn how to tap
into your awesome potential. This book has the power to
transform your life and cause abundance, health and harmony to
flow to you effortlessly.
“A Unique Path to Greatness: Eight Principles & Practices to
Grow Your Thriving Leadership Garden” by Debra J. Slover

This eBook offers students, teachers, business owners, parents,
and grandparents alike a fresh view of organic leadership. The
principles and practices it outlines harness the power of your
thoughts, feelings, and actions to grow and re-sow the seeds of
greatness in you and those around you.
Sales and Internet Marketing
“10 Ways to Create a Platform and Promote Your Book (and
yourself) on the Internet” by Cathy Goodwin, PhD

If you are serious about selling your book, attracting more
clients, and promoting your information product, this Ebook is
for you.  You’ll learn why Blogs are the new Power Reviewers
even if you don’t have one, create a community of raving fans
and how to test your idea before you write the first line of
your book.
“Authentic Selling ‘Evolving the shIFts from within’ Proven
Sucess Strategies to shIFt your results” by Christina Carpentier

Are you someone who has fears or issues when it comes to
selling you, your product and/or service?  Then this ebook will
give you proven success strategies that you can use to shIFt
your “selling” results.
“Protogenia’s Diary:  Outrageously Successful Women Share
Stories and Insights” by Anne Newell

What does success mean to you?  Outrageously successful women
look beyond money and power into the heart of meaningful
success, each of them seeing something deeper and more personal
than the traditional definition.
“Take The Mystery Out Of Marketing Your Business: Proven
techniques to increase sales, credibility and visibility” by
Allison Nazarian

Copywriting and marketing expert Allison Nazarian will
introduce you to a whole new way of conveying your expertise
and the superiority of your products and services without
trying too hard or having to struggle mightily to find the
right words.
“The Truth about Making Money on the Internet” by Kathleen Gage
Are you tired of all the hype and get-rich-quick nonsense?
Learn the Truth about Making Money on the Internet. Learn
strategies to attract the kind of clients and business you
desire while maintaining a very high level of integrity.
Creative Side
How to Make eBook Covers the EZ Way with 2 Videos and 10 ebook
cover templates by Judith Tramayne

Using no cost software, these videos will show you how to make
an ebook cover even the pro designers would envy.  Don’t want
to make a cover — well — this program will show you how to
pull in a photo and compress it to send through email.
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In Success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer