Recently I met Joe Marsh at the NAMS2 Conference. Joe is known for helping people get indexed on the first page of Google – fast!
Joe has a formula for teaching people how to write a powerhouse media release and get indexed on the first page of Google within a couple of hours. I thought, “Here we go again. Somebody else who has the Holy Grail of online marketing.”
Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt I have to say I was pretty impressed when he put his formula to the test in front of over 100 people.
Here’s what Joe actually said before he demonstrated his method, “I Got On The First Page Of Google Within A Few Hours…And So Can You! And guess what… It’s not as hard as you might think.”
Joe passed with flying colors. A woman from the audience followed Joe’s step-by-step process to write a media release. She then posted it on some media release sites Joe recommended. Within minutes her release was indexed on Google’s first page. Needless to say everyone was pretty impressed with the speed at which this happened.
I thought, “Okay, let’s see if this is possible for me. I know it worked at the conference but I want firsthand experience.”
I bought Joe’s program and followed his step-by-step formula. I didn’t deviate from any of his steps. Sure enough I was indexed on Google’s first page. But….not in a few hours. It was within 5 minutes. It blew me away.
Joe has a whole section on keyword optimization in his Google First Page Formula package. The word combination I used in my releases was “bestselling information products.”
It worked! Wow! I made in on the first page faster than I could have believed possible.
Check it out. Go to and put – bestselling information products – in the search box. You will see I am in the #1 and #4 position on the first page of Google. (at least as of this writing)
The media release was about my report on making money with information products. Not only did I rank on the first page of Google, I sold lots of reports in the process. There’s something to be said for first page position on Google.
I’ve been writing media releases for decades. There were a couple things in Joe’s formula that I had not been doing. When I made a few minor changes on how I was writing the release it made a huge difference.
Joe sells his The Google First Page Formula for $27 and people willingly pay this price.
I wanted to be able to offer my readers something special – real special. I asked Joe if he would let me offer his product for a fraction of the cost.
He said he would make this available for a very short period of time for only $12. You read right, $12. I have no idea how long he is going to let me keep it at the $12 price point, but I have a feeling it’s not for long. Maybe a couple days.
Not only does Joe fully guarantee his formula, I also personally guarantee it is worth many times your $12 investment. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
If you’re ready to learn to write powerhouse media releases and get indexed on the first page of Google faster than you thought possible then you need to get this product.
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