In order to make money with your books, you have to sell them. No sales, no money. Simple.
You increase your chances of selling when you know how to market your books. For years, I’ve posted articles on my blog, trade journals, other people’s blogs and article directories about how to market books.
I’ve also posted articles on how to sell books, but nowhere near as many as marketing. Yet, selling is key to your success as an author.
The most obvious place to sell your books is on Amazon. As the largest book seller in the world, Amazon is a must do… for most authors.
Even better is hitting #1 on Amazon. That means you’re selling lots of books.
Other places to sell your books are the various online books stores, your website and blog and by posting information about your books on social media.
These online locations are great, but the selling is usually passive.
What about physical locations like bookstores? Then there are workshops, seminars and keynotes.

This Woman is Rocking It

Just today, a client told me she recently did two talks where she sold books to 80% of those in attendance. This conversion rate is incredibly impressive. 80%!!!!!!
Since her book being released, Joan Lubar has presented several times and each time, a very high percentage of attendees buy her book. Some buy more than one copy.
Rock & Roll at Any Age is fast becoming a favorite of those who attend her presentations as well as those who buy it from Amazon.

Create Your Own Rock & Roll Story

If you want to increase your book sales, live presentations are a great way to go. Not only can you make money from the books, you also open up opportunities to enroll people in your coaching programs, hire you to consult or bring you in to their organization to offer a presentation.
When I first dreamed of being a speaker who could sell my books and information products to audiences, I wasn’t quite sure where to find these opportunities.
What I discovered is, the more you speak, the more you speak. The more you speak, the more opportunity to sell books.

Where to Find Opportunities

First, don’t assume you need to get paid to speak. In many cases you can make more from speaking for free and then selling your books after your presentation.
Here are a few ideas of where to find opportunities.

  1. Friends, family and colleagues are a great resource for speaking opportunities.
  2. Chamber of Commerces in your local market
  3. Other speakers who have spoken to groups that have a policy to only have a speaker present one time.
  4. Service clubs
  5. Nonprofits
  6. SCORE – Service Corps of Retired Executives
  7. SBA – Small Business Association

This is a partial list of where to seek out opportunities.
Negotiate being able to sell books when you present … exthat you want to make your books available for purchase. Don’t assume they will let you do so unless you negotiate this from the start.
You have to be proactive in your approach to getting on the platform. Often, it can take weeks, ever months, to get a speaking gig. Even if the gig is a no pay situation.
Start today to look for opportunities. Do something every day. When you do, you WILL sell more books and open up more opportunity.

6 Steps to More Speaking Gigs and Sales from the Stage

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