It’s amazing how often someone will ask me how I dropped over 55 pounds since my heaviest weight of 212 pounds. Truth be told, I would lose 40 or 50 pounds with a new fad diet only to gain it back. This went on for decades.

That is until I become WFPB… whole food, plant based.

Up to the day I began, September 16, 2018, I would try the latest and greatest diet strictly to lose weight. When I decided to give plant based eating a try, I was dealing with joint inflammation. From all I read and the YouTube videos I watched, all indications were that a plant based diet, void of all meat and dairy (including cheese and eggs) would reduce my inflammation.

Within two days the inflammation was all but gone. In the first week, I released five pounds. Although I had initially planned on only trying this for a week, I was feeling so good, I decided to continue for another week.

Since then, I don’t count calories nor do I consider what I do a diet.

Often people will say, “I could never give up meat or cheese. I like it too much.”

That’s fine, but it’s important to get really honest with yourself. If you say you want to get healthy, but you are not eating to support a healthy lifestyle, it’s on you.

The formula for getting healthy is pretty simple.

-Eat a diet void of unhealthy foods
-Drink lots of water (stay hydrated)
-Get plenty of sleep

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