If you’ve ever searched out podcast shows to appear on, you know it can be very time consuming. Yet, it can be incredibly beneficial to your market reach, credibility and messaging.
There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for shows to appear on.

  1. A targeted approach works much better than throwing mud on the wall and hoping something will stick.
  2. Be very clear on what you bring to the show. It’s not about how wonderful you are, but rather how much the listeners will benefit.
  3. Be prepared when you approach the host.
  4. The more shows you appear on the more shows you appear on.

Targeted approach

Your goal should be to find shows that have listeners you want to reach. Rather than simply going for ears, go for targeted ears.
If you are a nutrition expert, seek out shows specific to nutrition, health, fitness and anything aligned with your message.
You will waste your time and the show host’s time if you try to get on shows that have nothing to do with your expertise. It’s worth the extra effort to be very narrow in your approach.


Be clear on “Why You.” Why should the host have you on the show? If you can’t answer that simple question, you’ll have a very difficult time getting booked.


Part of the prep has already been mentioned, clarity on why you. Additionally, it does help to have an expert one sheet, an intro and questions, a bio and headshots. All of this streamlines the process as you are seeking out opportunities.
Think of the prep time as the foundation of a house under construction. If the foundation is not solid, you may be able to get the framework, walls, windows, and roof put up, but it will not last.

Lots of Shows

The more shows you appear on, the more shows you appear on. What?!?!
Simply put, the more people hear you, the more opportunity you create. It’s very common for hosts of shows to listen to other shows in their genre. If you are heard on lots of shows, hosts will approach you, making your opportunities increase.
The bottom line is that it does take time to use podcast shows effectively. Finding the right shows is often the greatest use of your time.
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