With the popularity of vegan lifestyles on the uptake, there is evidence of change everywhere. Those who have been committed to vegan lifestyle for any length of time are now more common than ever.



In the past, it was somewhat of a novelty for an entrepreneur to be so vocal about being a vegan and incorporating their values so beautifully into service offerings. One person who has been sharing her vegan philosophy in an incredibly unique way is Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants.

An image consultant for over 30 years, Ginger Burr has committed her life to educating as many people as possible about compassionate style.


It all began with…


Before she became a fashion stylist and image consultant, Ginger major in music at Mount Holyoke College. Fresh out of college she was intrigued by the fashion industry but had no clue that her interest would turn into her career.

After college she moved to the Boston area. During those first few years in Cambridge she worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Biology Dept. not as a researcher but as a word processor where she learned all her computer skills.

Ginger was first introduced to the idea of being an image consultant after attending a workshop about color. It was a three-day workshop that changed her life. The facilitator was so taken with Ginger’s enthusiasm that she was willing to train and mentor Ginger.


Over 40 years meat free


This combined beautifully with Ginger’s food choices. Ginger stopped eating red meat over 40 years ago. It took a bit longer to give up fish and dairy but the more she learned about veganism the more committed she became.

Although not all her clients are vegan, Ginger does what she can to educate people on more compassionate choices when they choose clothing.

“I use my knowledge of animal fabrics and the animal cruelty to educate my clients.”

In her book, That’s So You, Ginger helps you create new awareness around the psychological aspects of how you dress, understand how to create a signature wardrobe that includes both comfort and beauty, make peace with aging and learn to do it with flair and confidence, so you can loosen these strangleholds on your personal style and create a look that makes your heart sing.

Ginger wrote the book to be able to reach as many readers as possible.

Ginger teaches her clients how to dress in a way that compliments their style. Not based on what the latest trends are, but rather, what works for each woman individually.

She points out that as women age, our bodies shift. What may have worked in the past, may no longer work.

With the pandemic and a higher level of awareness, many people are moving more toward a lifestyle that focuses on compassion to animals.

There’s a much stronger movement towards plant-based eating and veganism because people are realizing that the source, the original source of the COVID-19 came from animals and wet markets.

Additionally, how we treat animals and the proximity to animals and all the horrible things we do to animals is shifting the way people choose to eat, dress and live.

With so many wonderful choices, such as vegan handmade handbags, there is no reason for people not to make more compassionate choices. One does not need to sacrifice style and comfort.

Ginger encourages people to research their potential purchases. To learn more, visit www.totalimageconsultants.com