It’s that time of year again… resolution time. Lots of people set resolutions only to quit before they give themselves the opportunity to achieve their goals.
Something that assures greater success with any goal is to make a public proclamation. That’s right…let others know what you’re up to.
It’s likely you’ve heard you should never tell anyone what you want to achieve. How crazy is that? After all, when you let others know what you’re striving for they may actually be instrumental in helping you achieve your outcome.
Is there ever a time to not share your plans? Absolutely. There’s no point in sharing with those who will ridicule your goals. But what’s amazing is this; the more you believe in yourself and what you want to achieve the more you will find encouragement and support rather than criticism.
So what are your goals for the coming year? Want to know what mine are? Watch this video and then post yours in the comment box below.
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