I love where I live. It’s extremely green and not uncommon to have incredibly beautiful yards and gardens.
In the time I have lived in Oregon I have invested a lot of time, money and energy into my yard and flower gardens.
My yard hasn’t always been filled with flowers. When we moved here there was nothing more than a plant or two sporadically placed that were very misplaced.
In the last six years we’ve had lots of work done to both the property and our home. Everything from fencing five acres of land, adding hundreds of plants and flowers around our property, building horse stalls, having two bathrooms remodeled and other such improvements.
Our current big project is the installation of a new sprinkler system. I’m so excited at the thought of not having the manually move the hose around the yard. That’s quite a chore in and of itself.
I know the lawn will be greener than ever, I won’t have to think about watering and the flowers will grow like never before.
But this won’t be without a period of inconvenience. As the pipes are being installed our yard is in disarray. The lawn is turning brown due to us not watering while the job is being completed.
Although it’s somewhat of an eyesore in this moment, I know it will be worth it when the sprinkler system is complete.
Granted, I could have continued on the way I have for the past six years. It worked, although it was a pain in my backside. It gave me somewhat the result I wanted which was a green lawn. But I often missed spots and overwatered other spots.
But it was familiar and got the job done… sort of.
The truth of the matter is I don’t want to work so hard nor have to remember to water. I simply want the end result.
This meant being willing to either do the job myself or hire someone. You can guess what I decided. Yep! Hire someone.
Once I made the decision to have the job done a big load was lifted.
Over the long haul the time and money invested are going to really pay off. The key here is that I hired the right person for the job. I didn’t try to figure it out myself. I did the smart thing; I went to an expert to complete the task.
It’s the same with business. You can try to do everything yourself because that’s what your used to.  It may seem as if this is the best choice because this is how you’ve grown used to running your business.
Yet, if you get really honest your business is likely running you.  By not investing in the right resources, whether it be human resources, software, equipment or training, you are going to wake up one day and realize you have been working way too hard with very little return.
In order to grow you business you MUST be willing to do things differently than you have been. You must put in the right “sprinkler” system to avoid working really hard for very little return.
In today’s economy virtually anyone can start a business. The problem is, countless individuals romance the idea of owning a business but haven’t got a clue how to run their business like a business.
If you want to have a wildly successful business you MUST treat it like a business. Otherwise your business is your hobby rather than your livelihood.
If that’s the case, call it like it is. It’s a hobby. And if it’s more than a hobby, what do you need to change to have the kind of business you know you are capable of creating?
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