What started as a cancer diagnosis for Tyshawn Bryant’s mother turned into his life’s work.

After nursing his mother back to health, Tyshawn found his calling… creating Green Regimen, a Health and Fitness company that develops natural, organic, plant-based products for Optimal Health.

Tyshawn, and his team, have traveled the world in pursuit of identifying the finest and most effective organic ingredients because your health is their priority.

With over 20 years in the Health & Nutrition industry as a certified nutritionist and expert personal trainer, Tyshawn is more committed than ever to “meet people where they are at” in the pursuit of helping them obtain optimal health.

His life’s work is to help all people achieve optimal health through leading healthy lifestyles.

Green Regime was Voted #1 Plant-Based Formula & #1 Best Protein without Stevia by Men’s Health. Green Regime was featured on CNN’s

Green Regime was also featured on CNN and CBS News, Dr. Sanjay Gupta Special Edition Report.

Highlights of Interview 

01:08 The start of a healthy journey

04:30 Fitness vs Nutrition

05:35  From a job to life’s purpose

08:00  Plant based eating IS the solution

09:10  From tasteless to tasty smoothies

10:10  Mom’s 50-pound weight loss without trying

12:40  Green Regime is born

14:00  From “all about self” to selfless

16:00  Figuring out the plant-based protein that tastes great

18:40  The personal experience for the customer to eliminate confusion about health

23:00  Meet people where they are at for the greatest results

24:30  Gone are the days where we are “stuck” with illness

27:00  What older people can do to get healthy

30:05  Breaking out of the walls of confinement of other’s opinions of you

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