If you’ve been thinking of trying a plant-based diet and shared this fact with family and friends, there’s a strong possibility they’ve warned you of the dangers of eliminating meat and dairy from your diet.

“Where will you get your protein?” is more times than not the big warning.

“You won’t have any energy,” is yet another warning.

They Don’t Know

If someone tells you either thing, take it with a grain of salt. Why? Well, it’s likely they’ve never tried going plant based for more than a day. They didn’t commit 100% to the process.

The fact is, a well-rounded plant based diet gives you energy rather than takes it away. There are a few reasons for this. One, you’re not using a bunch of energy digesting heavy meats and dairy. Have you ever noticed how sluggish you become after a meal of meat and potatoes? It’s not the potatoes that wear you down. It’s what you add to them like butter, sour cream and bacon bits.

On a plant-based diet potatoes are a staple for many people minus the stuff you normally put on top. That’s where the danger resides.  The regular toppings on potatoes clog the arteries, slow us down and are overall very unhealthy. The potato is actually quite healthy when topped with salsa or even dry.

Another reason you will likely have more energy is the weight release that happens when you eat a whole-food, plant based diet. I know I definitely have more energy. Just today, I did a 10 mile run with energy to spare (once I ate a huge plant based recovery meal).


Goals Reveal What You Are Made Of

In the six minute video I talk about goals.  The thing about goals is not the accomplishment so much as who we become when we stick to the process of striving to achieve our goals. I also share what Hal Elrod of The Miracle Morning shares about goals and who we become on our way to the goal.

I have a goal to complete The Grapes of Half half-marathon for my 65th birthday. The race takes place on May 19th. In case you don’t know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles.

To do this right, it takes time to build up to the miles I will run on race day. Sure, I could just go out and run 13 plus miles on race day, but chances are I would injure myself AND what fun is just running the race without all the prep running that goes into it? When I train, I get to meet up with friends who also run. I love this aspect of the training.

I also get to see what I’m made of. Watch the video to find out what mile 8 held for me.

Sure, crossing the finish line on race day will be great, but what’s even better are the number of miles I’m putting into the training.

On race day, I get to flash back to the days when it’s more appealing to pull the covers over my head, rather than get 5 – 10 miles in. The times I just didn’t feel like training, but I did.

All of this builds character.

Who are you becoming on the way to achieving your goals around your health, plant based eating, exercise and living a life filled with significance?

So what do a hangover and a 10 mile run have in common? Not a whole heck of a lot. One holds you back while the other propels you forward.

What is your 10 mile run? Is it to write a book? Is it to eat plant-based? Is it to start a business? Whatever it is, it’s not the achievement that matters as much as who you become on your way there.