As a vegan SEO Specialist, Hartej completely understands what your website needs to hit the higher pages of search engines. His success with vegan businesses is just one example of how the right strategies can grow your traffic month after month. His network of over 200 vegan websites, will ensure that your dominance in the market niche will be respected by Google. 

Alongside SEO, he offers Google Ads management using an algorithm which is set to learn your industry and the actions of competitors and customers. This will work to drive down your costs and increase the presence you have on the web.

The Vegan Change

Hartej went vegan to be more compassionate to animals. He was not impacted by documentaries because he intuitively knew what was going on with factory farming.

He has aligned his passion for being a vegan with his business. He started in the digital space in 2008 and worked with a wide array of industries. In 2019 he realized that many vegan businesses were not being served by the SEO companies they were working with. This motivated him to make a change in his focus to vegan businesses.


One of the most important things to focus on is content marketing. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • What is your vegan customer looking for?
  • What will they be searching for on Google?

Think about what your customer is looking for and created your content around that.

Shoppers have become more conscious. They are not necessarily looking for a brand name, as much as a philosophy.

You must know what problems you solve and how you can help your customers. Do not worry about the competition, focus on the end user.

Newer people to the vegan space can be intimidated by more seasoned vegans. Keep in mind, there are various types of vegans.

3 Steps for More Visibility

  1. Absolutely have a website. You cannot run a business effectively without having a strong web presence.
  2. Do a competitive analysis and research.
  3. Create content for your website and blog. Content creation is rewarded by Google.

Explore which social networks are best suited for your customer and client base as well as your service offerings. Social media is not a one size fits all situation. However, Hartej is a proponent of Pinterest. He finds a lot of value in the shelf life of a post.

People tend to use Pinterest for “how to” information.  

Business Identification

Determine key factors in your business identification.

  • Why did you create your business?
  • What drives you?
  • What motivates you to keep going?
  • What do you want to be known as and who do you specialize in working with?

How To Research Your Competition

Conduct a Google search with the keywords you are using to determine other businesses doing what you are doing? See what companies are ranked the highest. Research the keywords they are using, their content, and social presence.

Contacting Hartej

Hartej offers complimentary reports on your business. Simply reach out to him.

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