Scott Wagnon is a man on a mission… to educate and help his patients get healthy one person at a time. As a 100% plant based life-stylist, Scott has decades of medical experience and knowledge he puts to great use on a daily basis.

During our interview we talked about the benefits of a plant-based diet as well as why now, in light of COVID-19, people would be wise to adopt a plant-based protocol.

With the current restrictions many people are under, Scott’s job has changed from working face-to-face in the clinic, to remote sessions.

This has made him more passionate than ever to get the word out about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Benefits include the reversal of many diseases people have come to accept as the “norm” including obesity, diabetes and heart disease as well as improving one’s immune system.

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Scott was a involved in Professional Bicycle Racing in Europe and he competed in the Olympic Trials in 1988.

He had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch on a bicycle in 1996. Married to Angela, and the father of two grown boys and two daughters-in- law, Scott boasts his role as a grand-dad to a grand dog and grand kitty.

Scott was a paramedic for 10 years up in Portland, Oregon and graduated in 2005 from OHSU as a PA. He has worked in many areas of medicine, including community health, pain management, sports medicine, urgent care, and now internal medicine for the past 5 years.

He currently works a Oregon Medical Group in Eugene, Oregon and is well known for his FREE in-person (now remote) classes, “Food as Medicine” to over 700 patients one on one in the clinic. He has taught group classes to over 600 attendees on the subject of Feed as Medicine since June 2018.

Committed to raising awareness about using food as medicine, this interview will surely inspire you to give it a try.

Recommended Resources

Nutrition/Lifestyle related education:

-Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell in December 2015 -1,000’s of hours in online lectures, books, movies etc.
-Attended 3 national plant based multiple day conferences, and 5 one day local conferences
-Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (October 2019)
-Teaching “Food As Medicine” classes since June 2018
-Have given multiple continuing education lectures around the state .com

Enjoy the full interview on YouTube.

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