Year after year, the number one resolution for men and women around the globe is to get healthy.



Eat better, exercise, get more sleep, get in top physical shape, and feel better are often the outcomes they seek. The details may vary, but the desired outcome is the same; get healthy.

Yet, within a short period of time, most people have abandoned their “this time I will do it” resolutions.


Quickly Abandoned


By February 1st, most people in the United States give up on their resolutions.

A new poll of 2,000 Americans found that it takes just 32 days for the average person to finally break their resolution (s) — but 68% report giving up their resolutions even sooner than that.

Within a few months, even more will give up on their resolutions.

Why is it that most people set resolutions only to break them within a short period of time?

According to Chris Berdik, a science journalist and author of Mind Over Mind, it’s because most people set long lists of unattainable goals.

Rather than set small, achievable goals, most people set unrealistic objectives, which sets them up for failure before they have the chance to see results.

They fail to recognize the fact that they didn’t get in their current unhealthy state overnight, nor will they get in optimum health in record time.




Your Goals ARE Achievable, but…


Regardless of your goal, it is likely achievable. However, there may be reasons you have not yet reached the outcome you desire when it comes to your health.

Many times, the solution to achieving your health goals is simply a matter of professional guidance through coaching or mentorship.

Set Yourself Up for Success


To achieve any goal, it’s imperative that you lay a proper foundation. As with anything, when the foundation is solid, you are more likely to succeed.

  1. Make a commitment to the outcome.

It’s essential to make a commitment. Without a rock-solid pledge, it’s easy to give up. Write your goal down as well as your Big Why! The more you define why you want to achieve the outcome, the better.

  1. Set goals that stretch you, yet don’t break you.

When it comes to your health, any change is a stretch. Yet, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure before you begin by making the stretch too big.

For example, let’s say your goal is to release 30 pounds. What is your target date? Is it within 30 days? If so, this is not realistic for most people. You likely didn’t pack on your extra 30 pounds in a month, so it’s unlikely you lose it within a month.

Give yourself enough time to reach your target weight in a healthy fashion. Amazingly, when someone switches to a healthy vegan lifestyle, they do tend to release weight much quicker then with a “fad” diet.

  1. Determine what you must let go of to achieve the outcome you desire

Many people want an outcome yet are not willing to let go of the very behaviors that got them in their current situation. In order to achieve the outcome you seek, you absolutely must be willing to let go of that which no longer serves you.

When it comes to healthy lifestyles, often the most detrimental thing that contributed to your current health is what you eat, lack of exercise, poor sleeping habits and lack of hydration.

The greatest results will happen when you commit to a diet 100% void of all animal and dairy. Amazingly, a plant based diet is the very thing that allows you to eat better, sleep better and have more energy resulting in more physical activity.

  1. Set yourself up for the win.

“You are the average of five.” This quote became popular by motivational speaker, Jim Rohn. Simply put, whether it be your health, finances, or spiritual well-being, the five people you spend the most time with will be a great indicator of the life you live.

One reason successful people hire coaches and mentors, join mastermind groups and are conscious of who they surround themselves with is that they understand the philosophy of five.

Are the people you surround yourself with healthy and driven? Or are they overweight, unhealthy, angry, and resentful? A quick inventory will reveal a great deal to you.

Another aspect of the win for your health is to take stock of your kitchen including your pantry and refrigerator. Are they filled with junk food that will be trigger you in a moment of weakness? Or are they filled with healthy fruits, vegetables, spices, and snacks designed to give you the health and vitality you desire?

  1. Take daily action.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Simply put, intentions alone won’t get the results you desire. To achieve optimal health, you must take daily action. After all, whatever got you to where you’re at, was done so one bite at a time… of unhealthy foods.

You got where you’re at by spending time mindlessly viewing videos, memes, and posts on social media rather than getting off your backside for a short walk.

You got there by consuming alcoholic beverages rather than a healthy glass of water.

Do the reverse of what you were doing and the results will begin to show.


Where to Go from Here?


Enjoy the testimonies from men and women around the globe whose lives changed by becoming a whole food, Plant-Based vegan. Their stories are truly inspiring.