Left to our own devices, and feelings, there’s a lot that we need to do, that we wouldn’t do. For example, today for me… I woke up in a totally off mood. Fowl, frustrated and irritated. This is very unusual for me. Rarely do I wake up in a fowl mood.

But today… well today… I did.

It’s one of those moods that can make you believe life sucks big time.

It’s one of those moods that tries to talk you out of doing what is best for you and just lay around feeling sorry for yourself. Fortunately, I am aware of this and know that what I feel in any particular moment doesn’t have to determine the actions I take in my day.

Spin Class Awaits

In addition to running, I weight train, take a Kundalini yoga class and I take a spin class twice a week.

Today is spin class.  And believe me, I DIDN’T want to go to class. I just didn’t feel like it.

There’s a part of me that loves to sabotage my success, especially my health. I’m sure you can relate. It’s that voice that does what it can to talk you out of doing what’s in your best interest.

Today, that part of me was in full force trying to convince me not to go to spin class.

The smarter part of me, the healthier me, was saying, “Go, go, go. You’ll feel better afterward.”

Reluctantly, I threw on my gym clothes, a baseball cap, grabbed a sweat towel and my water bottle and headed to the gym.

The entire way, my sabotage self was trying to convince me to turn around.

My smarter self kept me moving in the right direction.

I got to the gym, still with the sabotage self trying to talk me out of going.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other. Got into class. Hopped on the bike and spun to my heart’s content.

I Made the Right Choice

Within minutes I KNEW I had made the right choice. With an hour of spin class completed, I felt great.

As I write this, I’m feeling calm, serene, and very grateful.

Here’s the deal, just because you don’t feel like doing something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. There are some things we “should” do. Exercise, movement and eating healthy is at the top of the list.

Like the old saying goes, “Lose it if you don’t use it.”

Any type of movement is better than no movement. And the healthier you eat, the more energy you have to exercise. The two go hand in hand.

Start with what you can do and grow from there.

It’s a simple strategy that works great.