Helena Rose Murphey is a professional product and food photographer based out of Bristol. She helps ethical businesses make joyful, story-telling visuals that tell their unique story.

Her journey to running her own professional product photography business started in the content and editorial teams at Urban Outfitters and MADE.COM.

She learned lifestyle and product photography firsthand on the job at Urban Outfitters, photographing bands, products, chefs, influencers – you name it, she captured it.
It was in this role she learned how to capture compelling product photos and importantly, the value of high-quality product photography from a commercial standpoint.

Outside of photography, Helena spends time guiding yoga, practicing yoga, surfing, hiking and reading. More than anything, she loves to be with my family and friends, the people who fill up her cup.

Helena is the author of The Plant-Based Crohn’s and Colitis Cookbook available on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3Pe1On9


Episode Highlights

02:50 The Vegan Journey began with a photoshoot

07:00 The impact of food on Crohn’s disease

11:00 Diet and lifestyle are essential to healing

15:00 Common sense is not always common practice

19:00 A look forward for Helena Rose

21:30 Making changes for a better quality of life

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