“You can’t outrun your fork,” is a favorite saying of Jennifer Helene. On a journey of truth around health and eating, Helene takes health very personally. A former Ford model, Helene lost her mother at a young age due to several complications caused by being morbidly obese. Her mother’s passing was a catalyst for her life-long commitment to healthy living, including being 100% vegan/plant-based and living healthy in mind, body and soul.



“It matters what you eat,” Helene can often be heard sharing with her clients.

If your food isn’t giving energy, it’s taking energy. During the pandemic, many people have put on excess weight with some figures at an average of 15 pounds. This excess weight can cause health issues that are preventable. Besides the physical impact of weight gain are the emotional issues.

Jennifer-Helene encourages people to start with their food consumption. She will be the first to admit it is not necessarily easy, but worth it.

There are hidden toxins in virtually everything we consume. This is a primary reason Helene created her FREE 7-Day Program.


Get Helene’s 7 Day Lifestyle Plan


She has worked with hundreds of women and men on their path to food freedom. This knowledge has gone into the 7-Day plan to help you:

  • Recover from your cravings for flour, sugar, and other addictive foods
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Cure your constant hunger and enable real, long term weight-loss
  • Improve your skin


Start with what you eat because if your food is clouding your thinking, until you clear your mind with the right food, rarely does anything else work. Will power is not the answer. Healthy food is.


Sugar… The Hidden Enemy


Processed sugar is one of the worst substances you can consume. It’s in virtually every type of processed food. One area many people don’t realize how much sugar they are consuming is with alcohol. Bottomline is, alcohol is sugar. It ages you prematurely.

When you change what you are eating, then your mindset will be much easier to get on track.


Where It Started


At the age of seven, Helene intuitively knew eating animals was not what she wanted to do. Every time she consumed any type of animal-based food, she got sick.

Her mother fully supported her decision, with one caveat, eating crab. Helen came from the Phillips family. They were in the crabbing industry and it was expected that she would eat crab.

It was during that time, Helene dealt with major health issues. Because of this, she missed a great deal of school and many of the activities children often take for granted.

Her health issues didn’t stop in childhood. When she joined the Ford Agency as a top model, she dealt with terrible acne.

Her research of how to minimize, even eliminate acne, revealed that removing dairy from her diet was a big part of the solution. Her skin cleared up quickly when she gave up dairy.

Helene’s obsession with health has made her an in-demand consultant with a wide cross-section of clients. If you’re ready to get on the path to health, be sure to subscribe to her seven day lifestyle plan.


About Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S.


Helene has been seeking answers to attain optimal health, she gleaned that there was more to optimal health than exercise and diet. As an entrepreneur, mother, a former Ford Model, a wheelchair bound child, a finalist on MasterChef (chosen from over 60,000 applicants), writer (ghost writer of notable cookbooks), and a devoted Yoga teacher and practitioner, Jennifer Helene has distilled key factors that contribute to optimal health mentally, physically and spiritually into a system that delivers results.

She works with clients to reestablish their focus on whole life balance, freedom and health. After delivering behavioral change programs and coaching thousands, the unequivocal freedom and longevity experienced by her clients separates her from other coaches. Her work is deep and at velocity.