Serial entrepreneur, in-demand podcast, plant-based lifestylist only begins to describe Heneka Watkis-Porter.

Heneka has a passion for interviewing world-renowned influencers for her podcast show. She started in radio before moving to podcasting. Having released over 200 episodes, Heneka works with clients on how to launch a podcast show whether they be entrepreneurs or corporate clients.

Heneka Watkis-Porter is an entrepreneur, coach, author five times over, international speaker, and host of The Entrepreneurial You Podcast. She has interviewed Richard Branson, John Lee Dumas, Paul Carrick Brunson, Seth Godin and many other influencers. Heneka is the founder and CEO of Patwa Apparel. She is also the creator of the Caribbean’s first virtual conference and expo: The Entrepreneurial You Virtual SME Conference & Expo as well as the Online Health Summit, Slow Down And Live: Health Is Wealth.

Heneka hosts Leadercast events in Jamaica and writes for the Leadercast blog and Thrive Global.


Podcasting (on both sides of the mic)

One of Heneka’s favorite things to do is teach her clients about the value of podcasting…on both sides of the mic.
When You’re a Guest
She recommends that people take a few simple steps before trying to get on a podcast show.

1. Research various shows
2. Be on time
3. Bring your “awesomeness” to the show

Starting a Show

If you plan to start a show, Heneka advises the following…

1. Understand the why of podcasting and why you want to start a show
2. Know what your message is so you can sustain during the tough times
3. Stay the course

When reaching out the guests, one size doesn’t fit all. You must customize your approach according to the expert.

Heneka shares how she was able to get Richard Branson on her show and by using a completely different strategy, had Seth Godin on her show… twice.

On Becoming a Vegan

Heneka came to the vegan way of eating as a result of her health. It was by a series of events with no answers from traditional doctors that she dove deep into being a vegan. She learned she had adrenal fatigue. This revelation was the start of her journey into being a plant-based/vegan lifestylist.

Adrenal Fatigue

There are several symptoms to adrenal fatigue including anxiety and depression. You can be extremely tired, but also very wired.

This is a vicious cycle where you need to sleep to heal but your body wants to keep moving. You can have extreme shortness of breath that can lead to passing out. Additionally, there is sensitivity to electronic devices, weakness and loss of appetite.

With all these symptoms, Heneka began healing when she shifted completely to a whole food, plant-based diet. In addition to a dietary change, she was supplementing with vitamins like magnesium.

Out of her own lifestyle changes she created a summit called, “Slow Down and Live.”

A huge part of slowing down is to have a morning protocol. One that allows her to slow down, focus and prepare for a day of purpose.

Morning protocol

Heneka utilizes a very specific morning protocol to prepare her for the day including meditation, drinking water, prayer and devotional time.

A force to be reckoned with, Heneka not only knows the value of living fully, while slowing down, she knows each day is fully a gift.

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