I just finished my morning ritual of feeding all our critters. Between two dogs, two cats and three horses it’s a great way to start me day.
The morning feeding time never fails to remind me of how important certain tasks are to the very survival of each and every one of our companions.
Something I regularly do is stop long enough to really take what I am doing. Rather than absentmindedly tossing hay to the horses, filling the dogs bowls with their favorite food and opening a can of cat food, I stop and reflect on how truly blessed I am to have created the lifestyle I have.
Some would say, You are so lucky to have what you have.”
Others would say, “I would never want so many animals depending on me.”
Still others could care less.
The fact is, this is the life I once only dreamed of. It’s definitely not extravagant by any stretch, but it is very, very abundant.
Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the life I live. And not a day goes by that I am fully aware I enjoy the blessings I do because of the choices I have made.
One of the most important choices I made several years ago was to start my own business. Yet, what started out as a corporate training company where I would offer trainings, workshops and keynote presentations is now an Internet information products business.
It’s been an incredible journey and one that would not have been possible without some key components to move me along the way; most importantly the information to expand my knowledge base.
It never ceases to amaze me how many people desire the freedom an Internet based business can offer them but they are not willing to do what it takes.
Or, maybe they are willing to do what it takes but they just don’t know what to do.
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