Many entrepreneurs are in dire need of support, nurturance and brainstorming opportunities with few resources … they think!

The thinking often goes "IF
ONLY I could get the support I need to grow my business without paying
thousands and thousands of dollars."


Groups are a great resource and support network for small business owners that
want to grow their business, know they can't do it all alone, and don't
necessarily want to take on partners.  The successful Mastermind Group
allows each member to share their knowledge, experience, creativity and
problem-solving abilities in a way that every member benefits individually from
the mastermind.


what is a Mastermind Group?  It's a group of like-minded individuals who
contribute ideas and feedback to help its members grow their businesses. 
It's a confidential forum where you can discuss your greatest challenges and
opportunities.  It's a place where you can get objective advice,
motivation, accountability and different perspectives to accomplish your most
important goals.


benefits of a Successful Mastermind Group:

o    Better decision-making and problem

o    Accelerated business growth

o    Increased personal effectiveness

o    Smarter strategic thinking

o    Increased accountability

o    Safe and nonjudgmental place to
discuss challenges

o    Expanded professional network

o    Improved life/work balance


If you are an entrepreneur looking for a great masterminding opportunity, Miki Strong has an invitation for you.

She is forming a Virtual Mastermind Group, comprised of Entrepreneurs in
non-competing industries.  The meetings will be held on Thursdays at 6:00
p.m. (PST) by phone.  If you're interested in applying to become part of
this group, email Miki at