I’ll admit it. I love trying different protocols for my health. Especially when I hear that a simple change in my eating habits can literally skyrocket my business.
The fact is, the better we feel, the more we tend to get done in a shorter period of time. When we eat healthy, focus increases as does creativity and calm.
Recently, after a few stops and starts, I made a commitment to eat a plant based diet. I watched several TedX talks and got the book, Eat Green Make Green by Pat McAuley.  I’m not implying that’s what anyone else should do. I’m simply stating what’s right for me.

A few days into the new protocol, I shared with my friend and colleague, Felicia Slattery how great I felt. Not only was I feeling on top of the world, I was more focused while in my office. Additionally, creative ideas were flowing.

Felicia Shares a Tip

“Have you heard of intermittent fasting?” Felicia asked. “I.F. for short. Lots of people we know are doing it.”
“Intermittent Fasting?” I responded. “Tell me more.”
“Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman are doing it. They have a really active Facebook Group. You should check it out. I belong and love it,” Felicia continued.
“What do you do with Intermittent Fasting?” my mind was already a week in the future of me feeling hungry every minute of every day.
“There are a number of ways to do the fast, but in a nutshell you have a window of time you eat during and then a period of time you don’t. One of the most common is the 8:16. You eat healthy for 8 hours and fast for 16.”
Upon further research, I learned that this was a great compliment to plant based eating. And! it made perfect sense to incorporate it into my plant based eating. I also learned you don’t gorge yourself during the open window eating period. You eat what you want, but keep moderation in mind.

Benefits Abound

What I love about the combination is how I feel. The benefits are plentiful including:

  • Better sleep
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Creative ideas
  • Energy
  • Overall feelings of euphoria

I’ve been sleeping really deep, waking completely refreshed. To me, this is a huge benefit in that I have more focus and energy while in my office. I’ve noticed I’m getting more done in a shorter period of time.
I do a lot of writing, for myself and for a few select clients. I’m finding the ideas flowing like never before (and I have been known to be quite a prolific writer in many circles).
Regardless of whether or not you adopt the type of protocols I have, it’s a good idea to check in with yourself to see if you are creating the space to work at your best. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating foods that fuel you rather than drag you down? Are you in a state of mind to focus on the task at hand? If not, why not check out the benefits of IF. You may be amazed at what you will experience.