long will the free stuff continue?


is a question many leading experts are asking. The answer depends on who you


of people have come to rely on getting free information from top experts. Yet,
things may be changing.


we will still offer lots of great information at no cost, but in many ways, we
are changing the model.


of the most obvious will be for free teleseminars. This week, you will see I
have several free teleseminar offerings. In the past, I would host a
teleseminar and then make the recording available for an indefinite period of


I will offer the recording to those who don’t make the live call for the events
in this week’s Monday updates, I am making them available for a limited time.
Then the link comes down.


many future events you will be able to be on the live call for no cost, but
after that, either you won’t be able to access the recording or there will be a


It’s not free forever
might be wondering why. Plain and simple, it is because there is only so much
any of us who run online businesses can give away. Sure, you will still be able
to find lots of people who are giving a great deal away (actually, I will be
one of them). But you will also find that we won’t give it all away.


Some people
may think this is not fair. They may think that everything should be free. 


would liken this to thinking your auto mechanic, gardener, handyperson or
anyone who has a specific trade shouldn’t charge.


We’re not giving away the farm
misconception is that an expert should be giving away the farm for the price of
a $10 report. Many of the experts who make six and seven figure incomes charge hundreds,
even thousands of dollars an hour for consulting time. To think that they would
give email consulting or one on one time because someone buys an eBook is
simply not realistic.


you want to learn what it is really like to build a highly successful online
business, then learn from those who are doing it. Hire mentors, buy their
information and respect the fact that they have no intention of giving
everything away. Below are experts who are willing to share some great
information for free. If you want to take advantage of this, register today.


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