I had the opportunity to interview author and speaker, Mark Tewart about his new book, his inspiration for writing, how he markets his book, what keeps him motivated and what drives him.
Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy.
Tell my readers a bit about yourself.
I am a professional speaker, consultant, entrepreneur and author. I am the owner of 4 businesses that range form my speaking, consulting, training, business to real estate investment, insurance and sales/customer retention/customer loyalty products, service and software.
I live in the beautiful town Lebanon Ohio in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area with my wife Kim and 9 year old son Jake. i also have a 23 year old daughter- erin who is a Senior at Wright State University.
What inspired you to write your first book?
I was inspired to write my first book because I became tired of and even upset seeing so many salespeople not reach their potential and even fail in sales. I have witnessed many intelligent and talented salespeople who are miserable because they were failing at their profession. I knew that the frustration from bad results could be fixed in most salespeople.
After being in sales my entire adult life, ranging from retail sales, to business to business and business to consumer and selling products and services from the inexpensive to contracts worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars, I heard learned many lessons that I knew could could anyone not only sell better but live a more productive and better life.
I became convinced that conventional sales training ideas and techniques were actually hurting most salespeople rather than helping them. It was very clear that most sales training and techniques were outdated and had been perpetuated for decades while the marketplace and consumers and even businesses had changed dramatically. Simply, salespeople were using outdated and ineffective tools. techniques, training, methods and ideas. I knew that I could help people make instant and dramatic improvement in their careers and lives.
Have you written other books?
This is my 12 book. However, the first eleven were more sales training books and manuals than a traditional book. This book is published by Wiley who is one of the larger, older publishers New york publishing houses. I have also authored dozens of audio, video, software products and educational materials.
How did you decide on the topic for the book?
I decided on my topic for the book because I am a sales expert. I started my company 15 years ago speaking, training, consulting individuals and organizations with how to increase their sales and explode their profits by working with their sales, sales management and sales marketing. My companies have been blessed to work with thousands of individuals and organizations in increasing their results. In doing so, I have started four companies from scratch and built them to multi million dollar companies. Through all of this I have learned same powerful things about sales and business in general that I wanted to share with people to help their plans for success.
How do you stay focused on your writing?
I have complete clarity. I am able to arrive at huge goals with complete belief of achieving those goals and then implement plans to achieve those goals. I know exactly where i want to go and then take massive steps. I don’t believe in ladders to success. I believe it is absolutely possible to get what you want now or much faster than most people believe. Those things combined with a love and passion for what I do makes it easy to stay focused. Like everyone on earth, I run into times when it is naturally harder to be focused. In those times, i find motivation through education. Education=Motivation. And on the rare occasions, I also step back out of the process to once again gain clarity and passion for my mission.
Do you write for the love of writing or to make money?
Both. I do not believe you have to separate the two. I love to write but I know that these actions will reward those who read the writings which in some way will always reward me. I am clear in my belief that being rewarded financially by any of my actions in business is not only wonderful but expected. I may not always know all the ways I will be rewarded but know for certain I will be rewarded.
What traditional methods have you used to promote your books?
I have used traditional methods such as trade journal ads, email blasts, book signing,  press releases, PR firm contacts, speaking engagements.
What are some other types of promotions that you use?
I have also used joint venture book announcements, email blasts to trade lists, articles on others blogs, my blogs, Amazon reviews, article directories, teleseminars of my own and others as the guest. I am also creating a seminar and book tour that is being sponsored by a corporate sponsor and also publicized by a non profit that I plan to give a portion of the sales to.
Where can people find your books?
I sell through several websites, blogs and a video book blog – www.marktewart.comwww.Tewart.comwww.howtobeasalessuperstar.infowww.marktewartlive.comwww.marktewartsblog.comwww.marktewart.com/blog
Do you have anything else planned such as another book?
I am already in the process of writing my next book and have a goal to write 1 book or more for the next ten years.
To read the first chapter of How to be a Sales Superstar and to receive several FREE bonuses from Mark Tewart, visit www.marktewartlive.com.
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