Chances are, you have something you’re incredibly passionate about. Yet, you’re struggling to find people to listen to you. In the past, that may have been true. Today, not so.
With all that’s available with social media, article directories, podcast shows, blogs and YouTube, with a strong conviction, you can get your message out. Maybe not at the Oprah level, but you can build a micro community of interested listeners, readers and viewers.
No matter what your message and mission, there is ample opportunity available.
For example, Margaret Mary O’Connor, author of Scandal in the Shadows, has been dubbed the Modern Day David Ready to Slay Goliath. In her book, she digs deep into the history of the Catholic Church’s treatment of women in the priesthood. Knowing she is bucking the system, she has found podcast interviews and social media excellent choices to share her message.

In the time she has been interviewed, the Buffalo, New York based author has found a great deal of support for her message, yet, there are those who believe she is spreading lies against the church.
Knowing full well she will pick up a few enemies along the way, Margaret Mary is willing to tow the line. On her Facebook page, some viewers have left harsh comments.
“I knew this would happen and I’m okay with that. I know what I write about and talk about goes against conventional wisdom, but the truth needs to be told, ” Margaret Mary has been known to say.
This is not always the case for many experts. With some, at the first sign of push-back from people they will never meet, many would-be influencers fold to the pressure, never willing to go the distance with their message.

You Must Know What You Stand For

Regardless of what you believe in, there will be those who support your position and those who don’t. For example, when I made the choice to give up all animal and dairy products, many of my friends were fully supportive of my choice. Conversely, there were those who thought it was a faze and actually criticized my choice.
Initially, I made the change for health reasons, but my reasons now extend far beyond my own personal health.
The more I learned about the horrors of animal production, the more passionate I became about my decision. Realizing my voice could make a difference, I began blogging about my experiences. This led into a lot of research, with my findings ending up in blog posts.
Whenever I blogged, I would put the post on social media. This led to starting a Facebook group for advocates of a plant based lifestyle. From there, I started a podcast show by the same name.”
From there, I enrolled in the Plant Based Nutrition Certification program through eCornell University. 
With my passion for the lifestyle and message growing by the day, it’s impossible for me to say I don’t have an outlet for my message. I create the outlet. Just like you can too.
In addition, there are plenty of podcast show hosts seeking guests to appear on their show. A quick Google search with the terms “Podcast shows + (your topic)” will likely pull up dozens of potential interview opportunities. Just keep in mind, it takes time and focus to make this work. This is where many people fall by the wayside. They want instant results with very little effort.

You Need Broad Shoulders

One reason many people throw in the towel is fear of criticism. At the first sign of push-back, some believe that means they should stop sharing their message. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, this is a sign to keep going.
To get your message out, look for as many ways to reach those interested in hearing from you such as social media, blogging and podcast interviews. If you want to jump-start your process, start your own podcast show.
When I started Plant Based Eating for Health podcast and blog, my intention was to share information on getting healthy. Little did I know it would turn into a platform for advocacy. In my latest post, I share insights into Factory Farms, COVID-19 and Plant-Based Eating,
As someone who has very strong beliefs about the need to shut down factory farms, my blog and podcast show offer me the opportunity to share whatever I am called to share without filtering my message based on someone else’s criteria or judgement.
Will there be those who criticize my position? Absolutely. Yet, I am so committed to raising awareness, I refuse to let this stop me.

Both Sides of the Mic

Like you, I am always looking for ways to reach as many people as possible. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, podcast shows are the ticket to high visibility. For me, I reside on both sides of the mic. This gives me a unique perspective that I love sharing with my community.
Because I know how powerful interviews can be for experts, I’ve wrote a book called, Virtual Book Tours for Indie Authors: Strategically Using Podcast Interviews to ​Create Massive Visibility, Profits and Book Sales.
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