If you’re looking for an effective way to gain lots of visibility, podcast interviews, hands down, are one of the best.  Podcast interviews are a favorite of authors, coaches, consultants and experts of every description.
There are lots of benefits to getting on the air.

  1. The more you are on the air, the better you get.
  2. You have a system developed that makes the process very simple.
  3. Often, when a host hears you on one show, they will reach out to book you for their show.
  4. You generate interest in your books, speaking and business due to the visibility.
  5. Shows are archived and can be heard by countless individuals for years to come. The shelf life is amazing.

The bottom line is this, podcast shows are a great idea.


  1. Determine the specific message you want to convey.
  2. Research shows that fit their expertise.
  3. Determine if it is appropriate to use the show to promote a book.
  4. Prepare all marketing material such as the expert one sheet, bio, media outreach letter, on air introduction and questions and high-resolution photos.
  5. Reach out to host.
  6. Book an interview.
  7. Send all required information to the show host.
  8. Clarify the format of the show (video or audio only).
  9. Request all access details including URL’s for Zoom, phone number, etc. for interview.
  10. Add all details to interview spreadsheet.
  11. Send reminder to show host and client 48 hours before the interview.
  12. Ask for replay link after the show goes live.
  13. Promote on various social media channels.
  14. Add show permalink to your website media page.
  15. Send a solo message to your subscribers. (if you do a lot of interviews, a once a week update is fine..

As you can see, there is more to getting booked than simply sending out a request to a host or producer.
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