Teleseminars and webinars are one of the best ways to market your nonfiction books. To get lots of traction create a topic that you can pull directly from your book.
For example, with my book, Power Up for Profits; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing, Ibook-power have dozens of topics I can choose from based on the content of the book.
Let’s say I want to do a training – How to Pitch the Media about Your Book! All I need do is set up a landing page, list the key benefits and takeaways from the training, set up the autoresponder messages and promote the event.
Granted, I do need to deliver an excellent training, but you see how simple it is to tie a virtual training into something that comes directly out of my book?

  1. Select a date for your webinar
  2. Create a landing page
  3. Create promotional material including emails, social media info and blog posts
  4. Set up a series of autoresponder messages for those who register
  5. Test your opt in
  6. Promote
  7. Continue to promote
  8. Promote some more
  9. Deliver a “over the top” experience on the day of your event
  10. Make an offer that is in alignment with your webinar
  11. Plan your next event
  12. Have fun

instant-teleseminar-comboWhat are you doing to promote your book? Are you offering teleseminars and webinars to do so? If not, check out the $1 trial Instant Teleseminars has in order that you can get the Gold Standard of Teleseminar platforms with a very low barrier to entry.leadpages

Something else you need in order to promote your books, teleseminars and webinars is an easy way to get landing pages created. My recommendation is Lead Pages. I’ve been using Lead Pages for quite a while. It’s very user friendly, simple to work with and gives you very professional looking landing pages.