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Over the summer I was one of the featured speakers at NAMS2.
It was a spectacular event with some of the top Internet marketers who were
keynote speakers, breakout session presenters, panelists and trusted mentors.

All the experts shared great information. Not only did the
participants learn from the experts, we also learned from our peers; sometimes
by sitting in on their sessions or over a meal or a drink.

One evening I was able to join my two friends and colleagues,
Lynn Terry and Nichole Dean. Over dinner we shared some of our best practices
and did a ton of brainstorming. One idea Nichole gave me has since that time
made me a lot of money
. It was something very simple and yet, up to that point,
I hadn’t been utilizing the strategy.

It made me realize that generating revenue is actually very
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For some time I have paid attention to Nichole’s
information. Since the conference, even more so. Heck, when someone shows me
how to increase my revenues I take great notice.

Nichole is known around the campus of Internet Marketers as
one someone who has great information, is very well connected and is constantly
on the leading edge of what is happening.

Earlier today I got Nichole’s program The “How to Blog
World Tour” Guide. I knew that it would contain outstanding information,
but never imagined how much great information I would get.

Something all of us who make our living on the Internet know
is “position is power”. The more position you have the more likely it is that
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Nichole shows you exactly how to become a Rock Star on the
Internet. Her system is so easy virtually anyone can use it.

No matter how experienced (or not) you are
Regardless of whether you’re seasoned with the Internet or
someone who is brand new to cyberspace,  The
“How to Blog World Tour” Guide is a perfect solution to promote your
books, teleseminars, coaching services, eProducts or store.

Nichole takes you step by step on what you need to do. You
also receive a bonus eReport, 7 Totally FREE Ways to Get More Traffic. The very
first idea on the list is one I am going implement right away. Again, it’s
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