In the past, when there was a disaster, it took considerably longer to get the word out about relief efforts. Today, because of social media, word spreads fast.
I usually reserve the posts on my blog for business related topics. Yet, every so often there is something that I know I can help out with by posting about it. day is such a day.
A couple days ago I received an email from a family member who is dong all she can to raise money for the animals directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. She sent me the following media release and asked me to spread the word in whatever way I could.
Animal rescue is near and dear to my heart. I made a donation and am asking anyone in a position to do so to please help. Any amount helps.
MEDIA RELEASE: People and shelters helping animals affected by hurricane Sandy.
As the northeastern U.S. struggles to cope with the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, many pets and other animals have had their lives turned upside-down and are in desperate need of food and supplies.
When the storm hit, many left their homes with only their pets and a few possessions, and have since had their homes destroyed; their lives wiped out. While the Red Cross and other organizations, and individuals, are offering emergency food and other help to Sandy’s human victims, the pets and other animals affected aren’t so lucky.
Large numbers of people are still without power. Many streets are still closed due to downed trees and power lines. Gas is also in short supply in many areas making it difficult, if not impossible, for shelter personnel and pet owners to travel even short distances for food and supplies for the animals. Local shelters are overloaded with displaced animals and volunteers are working around the clock to help them. Due to the high number of animals and all the work involved in caring for them, many volunteers are sleeping at the shelters.
The Commonwealth Humane Society of Northern Virginia (CHSNV) is an all-volunteer group with facilities, trucks and volunteers at the ready, to act as a main collection point for donations to help these animals. Once received, the items will then be loaded onto trucks and delivered to a shelter in New York, which is distributing to other shelters in New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Staten Island.
Information about the shelters and lists of items needed, as well as other ways to help, may be found on the web page for the group “Us Helping Sandy’s Animals” at The mailing address for Commonwealth Humane Society Of Northern Virginia is: 11837 Waples Mill Rd. Oakton, VA 22124 Attn:  Chris Haslam.
Donate here.