As part of my ongoing commitment to bring topnotch podcast interview information to I recently interviewed Hilary Sutton, host of Hustle & Grace Podcast. What an amazing conversation we had. In less than 15 minutes, Hilary shared a wealth of information and ideas any expert who seeks to get booked on podcast shows needs to pay heed to.

With over 50 episodes featuring a cross-section of guests, Hilary is in season three of her show.
Hustle & Grace Podcast focuses on how entrepreneurs can enjoy the hustle of business and yet, still have a life. Hilary Sutton’s preference is to interview guests who share their story rather than focus on a specific area of expertise.

Hilary Sutton’s recommendations

  • Strive for balance
  • Create an intentional career
  • Have goals and passion in your business
  • Advice to Experts Seeking Interviews
  • Hosts are interested in guests who bring value to the audience
  • Focus on collaboration with the host

Mistakes made when approaching hosts

  • Never listening to the show but pretending they have
  • Not focusing on what’s important to the host or audience
  • Not being prepared


  • Listen to at least a few minutes of several episodes
  • Be creative in your approach
  • Have a media kit including a bio, headshot, contact information

Top 3 Tips

  • Be clear on who you want to reach regarding the host and the audience
  • Be thoughtful to who you are reaching out to
  • Let the host know you will promote via social media and to your subscribers

Hilary Sutton is a writer, speaker, and consultant.  She has courses on how to build a freelance career as well as freelance coaching.

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