I have a beef and I’m going to tell you all about it. My beef has to do with people who are not realistic about what it takes to build a successful business. I’m talking about those who think they don’t have to invest anything into their knowledge base and somehow business, customers and revenues will drop from the heavens. Talk about living in a dream world!
Or what about the people who think they can buy one $10 information product, read it and that’s all they need to do to succeed. Holy cow! It doesn’t work that way.
The sad part is when someone is not being realistic about what it takes to build a business they make comments like, “It’s the economy.” Or “Those who are succeeding are just lucky.”
BullBull pucky. Quit blaming the economy and quit thinking all it takes to be successful is luck.
Granted, the economy has shifted. I’m not blind to what’s been happening. But why is it that some people are doing better now than prior to the economy shift? Is it that they are “lucky” or is it something else?

Here’s one reason; those who continue to sustain and even grow their business during these amazing times likely don’t sit around wishing for things to go back to the way they were. They evaluate what has happened and determine what they need to do next. And then they do it.
Others who are succeeding are securing the services of mentors. One colleague who is doing incredibly well recently hired a mentor whose fee $20,000. Imagine that; $20,000.
And to think some people hold back from investing in a $29 information product. Then they wonder why things aren’t getting better. Bottom line is, they need to get out of their own way, their own head and their own self imposed roadblocks. And…they need to quit constantly affirming how bad things are and giving reasons why their business isn’t working.
Shoot, if all someone is doing is focusing on what isn’t working it’s likely they’re not putting any effort into finding a solution. And even if a solution was right in front of them they likely wouldn’t see it because they are convinced there is no solution. (self fulfilling prophecy)
The reality is learning and investing in your business growth is an ongoing process. You can’t buy one ebook, attend one seminar, listen in on one teleseminar, hire a coach for an hour and expect that to be an end all be all. There are so many aspects of running a business it’s amazing anyone would even think they will not have to continually expand their knowledge base.
If you’re among the group of people who thinks you don’t have to invest in your business, continually learn, have mentors, invest in training and constantly be looking for ways to expand your market reach maybe you are not cut out for business. Or, maybe you need a reality check.
Something else that is necessary is to take massive action. To diversify your offerings. To create incredible value for your market and to be committed to what you are doing.
A great example can be found in my recent Monday updates. I am always looking for ways to bring amazing value to my market. Some of what I offer is fee based and yet much of what I introduce to my market is free. On Monday I announced several resources that one could use to grow their business. To see what I mean click here.
The world of business is overflowing with opportunity. Sky’s the limit as is imagination, persistence, courage and a willingness to fail. Yup! You read right. A willingness to fail. If you need guarantees that every little thing you attempt will succeed take a look at some of the most successful people. I dare say most had their share of failures. Yet, to them each failure was a learning opportunity.
Did they get frustrated with failure? Likely so. Did they give up? Nope. They kept going. Simple as that.
Okay, my beef time is over. It’s like I pushed a few buttons. Actually, I hope I did. You know why? When our buttons are pushed we do one of two things. Grab our toys and go home. Or…. get riled up enough to turn things around.
My goal for anyone who reads my information, invests in my products and services or hires me as their mentor is for them to succeed.
One of the most crucial parts of success is to face the truth. And the truth is, success is a process and won’t happen without commitment.
What are your thoughts on my beef?