What a day it has been. I found out last evening I have been banned from Facebook. I was not given a specific reason for being ousted and given the boot.

I learned of the situation when I attempted to log in to my account. I got a message telling me my account had been disabled.

Thinking it must be a mistake I once again attempted the log in. No luck. Amazingly, I was soon to discover this situation is more common
than most people realize.

First thing this morning, I sent a message to my opt-in subscribers letting them know I was no longer on Facebook. Amazingly, having
one’s account disabled by Facebook is apparently very, very common.

Within minutes I received messages from several people who had had this experience or know someone who has gone through this. By day’s end
I received hundreds of messages from people empathizing with the situation.

The great majority of folks had no clue why they got the “big boot” from the powers that be at Facebook. They could merely speculate.

Reasons Facebook bans you.

I will keep blogging about this and welcome you sharing your
own experience if you, or someone you know, has gone through this